Chapter #17: Eagerly Close

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"You're hot as fuck," his eyes bore into mine and I flinched, backing into the rack of t-shirts.

I knew this was a bad idea.

"I also have a boyfriend," I muttered, shying away from his gaze. I felt uncomfortable at his proximity, and my hand instinctly fell onto my belly that was hiding below the grey warmth of Evan's ratty hoody. 

"Nobody needs to know," he began but suddenly was crudely pushed away from the distance he stood in front of me, right into the opposite rack of clothing.

"Get lost buddy," Asher scoffed, before grabbing my hand and basically me tugging me out of the store.

I looked behind me, catching an eye full of the boy who'd been hitting on me. I saw a red haired girl, very skinny and dressed trendily run up to him and frown, muttering words at him. She tucked her hair behind her ear, and I squinted my eyes.

She looked familiar, like I'd seen her once or twice. It was on the tip of tongue as I started blatantly at her, my eyes glued on her.

"Hazel..." I whispered to myself, and my inner self jumped up in eagerness once I'd remembered her. I knew I'd recognized her, she hadn't changed. She was Evan's friend that one time I'd been running away from the hospital to find where Evan had went... She'd answered her phone. I frowned, bunching my eyebrows together in curiosity. What the hell was she doing here?

Once we were safely out of the shopping store and in the center of the mall, he grabbed my hips and pushed me into his arms, shoving my face warmly against his chest.  Hazel completely flew out of my thoughts as I indulged in Asher's comfort.

I hugged him back tightly, sighing into his chest. "Boys are such pigs," I frowned and I could feel him nod. 

"I leave you for two minutes to grab some socks and this shit happens," Asher fumes, shaking his head in dismay. "God if anything happens to you..."

I pulled back from his arms, noticing our fingers were still intertwined. I should've pulled away, but I felt safe with Asher. Instead, I held his warm hand tighter in mine and sighed, tiredly. I appreciated how much he was looking after me; it felt good getting the attention. "Hey, I'll be fine. Coming to the mall was a bad idea anyways."

Asher sheepishly nodded, running his fingers through his dark hair. I couldn't help but admire the way the reflection of the sun shone on his green eyes, making them bold and flashy. I could see every speckle, every little glimpse of color in them. "I'm full of shit ideas, I'm sorry," he chuckled and I giggled quietly, nodding in agreement.

"Let's just go back to my dorm and watch a movie or something," I suggest and Asher nodded and led the way through the mall, passing hundreds of shoppers on the way. It was a comfortable silence as he held my hand safely in his. It would've been awkward but recently, Asher's extra abundance of care for me was more soothing rather then exceeding our friendship boundary like it usually was.

I appreciated how closely he looked after me, more than anyone else had. When I visited my aunt and uncle about 2 weeks ago, I'd come to the dorm like an absolute crying mess; a wreck, and Asher had prepared a late night snack for the both of us. Apparently Veronica had lent him the key to our dorm and it was quite a surprise seeing him there with some take out, on my bed, a movie playing above on the T.V. 

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