Parrish helped me inside my apartment and followed me to my room.

"Lacey you know it's okay to be upset." He said sitting next to me on my bed.

"I know it's just all a lot to take in at once." I said and sighed getting up and moving to the bathroom. I washed my face and pulled my hair back into a ponytail.

"Here let me clean up your ear." Parrish said and I chuckled a little bit.

"What? He asked and smiled.

"That's everything a girl wants to hear." I said and he laughed again.

He ran hot water over a washcloth and cleaned all of the blood off and out of my ear. His phone began to ring.

"Just great." He sighed and answered the phone.

"Stiles? What's wrong?" He asked and I followed him into the living room.

"I'm on my way." He said and hung up the phone.

"What's wrong?" I asked him.

"Meredith is on the last part of the list. I have to go check on her." He said and gave me a guilty look.

"No, go I'll be fine." I said and crossed my arms.

"I'll call you after and I'll come back to check on you." He said and put his jacket back on.

"It's okay Jordan go do your job you don't have to worry about me." I smiled at him.

"I'll call you!" He said and kissed me quickly before leaving. I stood stunned in my living room as he closed the door.

I was just grandma kissed.

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