Dangerous Introduction

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As (s/n) and I walked through the senkaimon I couldn't help but get anxious. There was no telling what was going to happen to us.

Even though kisuke warned us about the possible outcome we decided to come. Head Captain had requested to see us due to our 'incredible' spiritual pressure.

It was between the three of us plus his lieutenant who delivered the message. No one else was to know, not until he determined whether we were a threat.

The moment we walked through I had a feeling something was off. The area was empty and nothing could be heard.

Only silence.

As if on cue, an alarming amount of people were surrounding the two of us. We were outnumbered and it was clear none of them wanted us here.

"And who might you be?" A large man with a scar running down his face asked. His voice held a dark tone and he looks as if his purpose was only to show brute force.

I noticed how all of them seemed to have their weapons drawn without even hearing us out. Coming to the realization that any answer I give wouldn't suffice.

"We didn't come to fight" I took a small step forward with my head held high. There was no room for fear at this moment. I kept my voice steady and my visage neutral.

"then what for?" The large man asked with a hint of annoyance.

"Nothing that concerns you" (S/n) shouts, which seemed to make us look even more suspicious.

"I'd watch myself if I were in your position!" A red-headed guy shouts from his place. He looked a little later than the man with the scar. His posture told me that he was underestimating our abilities even though we haven't even started fighting.

"We didn't come to fight, but we will if necessary" I sigh, there was no changing their stubborn minds. I could see it in their eyes.

"Rise Mizunoō" I whisper, calling the two blades to appear in my hands.

The blade itself was silver and was very thin. When turned to the side it was difficult to see. The edges were dangerously sharp and could cut through steel with ease. The hilt was a light shade of blue with a silver ribbon attached to it.

"Show no mercy Itami no ōji !" (S/n) chanted.

She had one blade. Her blade was average in length but it was always coated with poison. The substance would send the opponent into a haze of merciless pain if they were cut. The hilt was red and white, the end had a chain attached to the end.

We stood with our backs to one another as we awaited the next move. They were glaring at us as they observed closely.

"Enough standing around!!" Captain Zaraki roared and charged towards me.

He ran towards me with great speed, I swung my zanpakuto towards him deciding to rely on my strength and not my shikai. I didn't want to actually hurt him and cause a bigger problem. He was sent back towards a wall with a wound decorating his skin.

"She's not using her shikai" Soi Fon warned while signaling her comrades to get ready. Lady Yoruichi told me Soi Fon was well acquainted with her. If we weren't about to fight I'd ask her for some critique on my skills.

"They would make wonderful test subjects! Nemu be sure to keep them alive." Was that a man or a monster? He looked as if he was artificially created and unrealistic. The sound o his voice sent chills up my spine. I'll be sure to avoid fighting him, he's... strange.

"Yes master"

"And what makes you think we will be your lab rats?!" (S/n) yelled. I now wanted nothing more than to leave this instant. I didn't want to be a test subject.

"Just who are you?" captain Ukitake asked filled with curiosity.

"You probably would have known already if you would have let us see Head Captain!!" (S/n) said with an annoyed visage. This is nothing but a waste of time. We could be talking about something serious instead.

It's surprising that none of them had the common sense to talk out an issue before blindly rushing into a battle.

Suddenly, a hell butterfly was flying gently into the area.

"All captains report to head captain for an urgent meeting and bring the ryoka!"

"looks like you'll be coming with us" Mayuri laughed evilly.

"Fine" we put away our zanpakutos without a complaint and agreed followed their lead. Once again, there is o telling what would happen.

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