Chapter Twenty- Two; Dent

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The smell of soap, medicine, and clean ex wafted into my nostrils. I wrinkled my nose and shook my head. Before opening my eyes, I took a deep breath. I tightened my hand into a fist, and then released it. Pain flew throughout my body and I winced. I tried with the other hand, even worse. I moved my feet. That seemed okay, hey, no pain, right? I twisted my body only to find out that that was where the source of my pain was. It felt like someone had taken a white hot iron and branded my skin. From the inside.

Then I remembered what happened to me…

I got hit by a car.

I let my eyes flutter open to take in my blurry surroundings. I looked all around me, looking for one specific person. There he was, sitting down in a blue hospital bed beside me. His face was buried in his hands and he was making small sobbing sounds. I reached forward, wincing at the pain that rippled through my arm and across my chest. I gently pat Emery’s head, feeling his silky black locks between my fingers. He tensed before slowly looking up. His cheeks were red, his eyes were puffy, and his nose was snotty and stuffed up. He looked like a little kid who just threw a temper tantrum.

 My heart beat quicker as I saw him. I rubbed his hair again and gave him a weary smile. He clutched at my hand, hanging on for dear life. He got to his feet, slightly hunching over to keep my hand in place.

“He’s awake!” He yelled towards the door. He smiled sweetly as more tears fell from his eyes. “He’s awake…”

He lowered it gently to his lips and kissed my palm. I smirked. “Of course I am. You didn’t really think I would leave you, did you?”

He laughed and sniffed, squeezing my hand. I smiled up at him. Pain went through my arm but none of that mattered. All that mattered was that Emery was okay.

A tall man knocking at the door stopped our moment, much to my distaste. He adjusted the papers on his clip board and looked me over with a smile.

“Beck, right?” He asked. I nodded. “You got really lucky out there. Most people don’t make it out of getting hit by a car with only a few scratches and broken bones.” He smiled.

I smiled back and gave Emery’s hand a gentle squeeze. He leaned into my hand and kissed my palm again. I smiled, gently caressing his cheek.

“And you said that Beck pushed you out of the way, Mr. Carter?” The doctor said, grabbing a pen from a nearby table. Emery sniffed again and nodded, never loosing eye contact with me.

You got lucky then to. A car of that size would have killed you. Unlike Beck, who is bigger in strength. Your small frame would have been crushed, even if you flew over the car like Beck. You should be thanking him.” The doctor said, pointing his pen at us. Emery dropped my hand and sniffed. He looked at the ground.

“I wish it would have hit me instead.” He said quietly. Staring at him, never letting my eyes leave, I spoke to the doctor.

“Could you give us a minute alone? Please?” I asked. He looked at us skeptically before nodding and leaving. I ran a hand up Emery’s arm.

“Emery, what did you mean by that?”

He shook his head and I saw more tears fall from his eyes. “I said I wish it would have hit me! Then you wouldn’t be hurt…” He sobbed. My eyes softened as I lightly tugged him to me.

“Emery, I don’t regret what I did. How do you think I would feel if you died? I probably would have been empty inside. I’m glad I pushed you out of the way. I’m glad you’re alright. As for me, it’s just some little scratches. Nothing to worry about.” I said, giving him the best smile I could. Pain ripped through my chest, making me wince. Emery turned to look at me with tears streaking down his pretty face.

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