Chapter Eight

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Last night was one of the most amazing nights I've ever had. Marcus really did know how to show a girl a really good time. Skating on the new rink was fun and very funny. Skating into the boards made us laugh so hard, that even Marcus fell. I didn't realize that I would pay for that later. When I woke up this morning, I found out that my right arm and leg were bruised. I guess that I should be more careful when I go skating next.

I knew that Marcus was very cautious when I was skating. Whenever I had the chance to look behind me, he would be scanning the crowds, looking for him or Cristal. I was terrified that Marcus was going to get hurt. I was very grateful that he was trying to protect me, but having him getting hurt would tear me apart. I knew that Joel had started everything, but I don't want Marcus hurt because of me. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I just care for Marcus so much that I wouldn't want to see Joel hurt him.

I carefully got out of bed, cautious of my bruises. I didn't want to hit my arm or leg off a wall, which I tend to do every single morning. I went into the bathroom and got my make-up bag. Instead of having to deal with bruises at school, I would just cover them up with makeup. That way, Marcus wouldn't be too concerned about me. As I was dabbing the makeup sponge on my arm, the phone started to ring. I could only guess that it was Marcus. Just in case, I checked the ID before I answered. It turned out to be Cristal instead of Marcus.

"Hello?" I asked, confused. "What did you tell Joel?" she asked, anger hinting in her voice. "I haven't said a word to Joel since your party." I said. Why was she going on like this? It was unlike her to be calling me. Whatever had happened between the two of them, it wasn't because of me. "I received a phone call from Joel today. He said that he found out from one of his friends that I was cheating on him. He broke up with me just now." she said. I could hear tiny sobs in the background, meaning she was probably crying. She assumed that I was still friends with him. Of course, she didn't believe that the fight between Joel and I had actually happened. "Why are you calling me then?" I asked, sick of her phone call. "I know that you said something to him! You're the only one who knows!" she shrieked. I had to move the phone away from my ear from her shriek.

How could she assumed that I was the only one who knew? Everyone saw her making out with Craig at school. It could've been anybody who told Joel about her cheating. Of course, though, she would think it was me. No matter what I tell her to get her to believe me, she'll be too stubborn to listen. "If you think I'm the only one who knew about you cheating, then you're completely dumb." I said, anger in my voice. "I am not dumb, you little brat! You wanted Joel so bad that you would stoop so low to telling him that I was with Craig." she yelled. I thought that my ear was going to fall off. "You were cheating on him!" I yelled back. I couldn't believe I was even having this argument. She clearly had the wrong person, but in her eyes, it was me. "It doesn't matter now. You're going to pay for telling Joel." she said, and then hung up. I looked at the phone, feeling water pool up in my eyes.

I knew that she was the type of person to do this to me. She never cared for who really told Joel about her affair with Craig. She just thought that it was me. Not only did I have her as an enemy, I practically had the entire cheer squad as an enemy. We all knew that Cristal was capable of doing anything to get what she wanted, even if she could get Joel back. That was, of course, he thought she deserved another chance. Craig was Joel's best friend, which could mean a fight tomorrow, but which also meant a friendship was ruined by her. In my opinion, Craig knew better in the first place.

Joel and Craig met in elementary, before they decided to go to the Academy. They have been best friends since then and made a pact that no girl would come between them, but I bet they didn't know that it would be the same girl. When Craig and Cristal met, he had a huge crush on her. When he asked her out, she rejected him, breaking his heart. When he got over her, Joel had actually asked Craig for permission to ask her out. I wonder what changed her mind now. Did Craig suddenly become attractive?

The phone rang again, jumping me out of my reverie. It was Marcus calling this time. "Hello." I said, hearing my voice crack. I didn't even realize the small tear running down my face before I answered the phone. "What happened?" he asked immediately. I went ahead and explained to him what had happened between Cristal and I. He seemed to get angry with her, but somehow he felt bad for Joel. "I feel bad for the guy, but being with a girl like Cristal, he kind of asked for it." he replied. I understood what he meant, but Joel was still a good guy. "I'm coming to walk you to school. I'll see you in a few minutes." he said, hanging up. I put down the phone and then looked down at myself. I wasn't even dressed for school yet.

I ran down the hall and into my bedroom, looking into my closet. I slid off my pajamas and put on a pair of comfortable jeans. You wouldn't think that jeans would be so comfortable. Then, I grabbed a light grey shirt that had the words, "Just Me", written on it in bold. I bought the T-shirt while I was still looking like an adult. That was the day where I decided to do a one trip shopping day. It seemed to fit into my personality so I just bought it. The shirt was stretched out a little bit, but it still fit me perfectly. I grabbed a pair of black sneakers and put them on, just as there was a knock on the door.

I tried to fight back blushing, but as soon as I opened the door, I could already feel the heatness rise up to my cheeks. His hair was freshly cut short. The long hair suited him, but you could see more of his face. He gelled it to have his hair flipped upward. His black tee fitted his body beautifully, along with the black, ripped skinny jeans. He had also wore black sneakers, which were Converse. The creep of blush was slowly making its appearance on Marcus's face. It started around his nose, and made its way towards his cheeks. "You ready to go?" he asked, smiling. He was looking me over and it made me blush harder. I slipped on my jacket, grabbed my school bag and walked out the door.

"How are you feeling now?" he asked, as we continued walking on the sidewalk. I knew that he wanted to talk about the situation I was in, but I just wanted to keep it bottled in. I knew that Marcus wouldn't be too happy with that, so I decided to tell him. "I'm still in a sad mood, but I think I'll feel better later on." I replied, smiling. As we were walking, I didn't notice that there was a patch of ice on the concrete. As soon as I stepped onto it, I slipped and started to fall back. I closed my eyes, waiting for the pain to begin in my head. When I didn't feel any pain, I opened my eyes and saw Marcus above me. He caught me just before I hit the sidewalk. "Are you okay?" he asked, concern in his eyes. I nodded my head, unable to speak. I couldn't trust my voice because I could feel electricity going through my entire body. We were like this for a few minutes, until we realized we had to keep walking. He stood me up and made sure I was steady before he let go.

We made it to the school, just as the bell rang. "I'll see you at lunch, okay?" he asked. I nodded my head and walked off to my first class. Marcus and I didn't have art until after lunch, so I wasn't going to see him all day until after. My first class, which was Biology, was completely boring. I kept staring at the clock so much, that my teacher ended up embarrassing me in front of the class. It wasn't my fault that I wanted lunch to come so fast. The second class came in an instant, but it didn't go as fast as I wanted it to. My third class, however, came and went like an instant. The reason behind it was because I was in the gym, playing dodgeball. When lunch came around, I didn't know that I was going to be betrayed.

I was looking for Marcus in the cafeteria, but it appeared that he wasn't in our usual spot. I thought that he was just late, but a few minutes went by and he still never showed up. I got worried and decided that I was going to look for him by his locker. As I was walking in the hallway, I saw Joel coming towards me. A look of sadness was on his face. I looked down and brushed past him, leaving him standing in the middle of the hallway. When I turned the corner, I quickly went behind the wall, as I saw Cristal with Marcus. As I peeked over, I saw that they were talking. He seemed very angry with her, while she was trying to flirt with him. I pressed my back onto the wall, looking up at the ceiling. I could feel water filling my eyes, but I quickly blinked them away. When I looked again, Cristal had her arms around him in a lovey-dovey way, while he had a look of anger on his face. At least I thought it was anger. Before I had the chance to look away, Marcus locked his eyes with mine and his anger was replaced with a look of horror. As I looked at Cristal, she was smirking at me. So this was her revenge. I ran off into the girls washroom before he could run after me.

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