Edwards pov

My hands were shaking, as I slid the sharp knife against Bella's huge stomach. She screamed in agony as the knife tore away her skin. Blood began to spill out, making me take longing glances at it. No Edward! You can't drink your wives blood! Rose was stood there, her eyes pitch black from the lack of hunting. She was ready to pounce on Bella's weak body.
"Rose no!" I shouted. Jacob launched himself at her, wrapping his arms around her stomach. Rosalie began to thrash and snap at the air. She just missed Jacob's left arm. Vampire venom is poison to the mutts as I found out. Jacob dragged her out of the room and into a room upstairs. Bella was now panting, her eyes were closing and opening over and over again.

"Stay with me Bella!" I commanded. She looked at me, like I wasn't there. The knife was taking to long, so I bit into her flesh, and I began to rip her stomach open. She screamed again, but she stopped when a little cry filled the air. I picked up our child carefully, and placed her into a towel that was lying on the table beside the bed. "Renesmee" I breathed out. She turned her head to face me, her eyes still closed. Bella began to scream again. I was confused, it should be over. Rose ran in, and took the baby from my arms.
"I'm ok" She whispered, before looking at Bella. Jake stormed into the room.
"What did you do?" He snapped.
"Nothing! It should be over!" I answered.

There was a soft cry. Another baby! I ran to Bella and looked at her stomach. I grabbed a towel, and picked up the soft bundle. "Alice!" I screamed up the stairs. She fluttered in, but faster than usual.
"Edward what's wrong?" She questioned worriedly. I handed her the bundle, it was another girl. "Another?" She asked, looking at the baby in awe. I nodded, before she ran out. Alice was cleaning the baby, making sure all if the blood was gone. Then I heard it. A heartbeat slowing down. Then it stopped. Jacobs eyes widened, and he began to do CPR on her. I shoved him out of the way after 3 minuets. I did it faster, before my instincts took over. I bit into her arms, then her legs. She didn't move. Jacob had tears down his face, before he ran out.

"Come on Bella!" I pleaded. I bit into her wrists, and then her neck. I walked out, hoping the venom would spread in time. Then I saw it in my mind. Anger filled inside of me. Jacob had imprinted on Renesmee! I threw him into a wall, before running outside. "Jasper! Alice!" I yelled. They came outside, Jasper on my left, Alice on my right. Sam emerged from the trees. Paul on his left, Jared on his right.
"We are outnumbered" Alice stated.
"By a lot" Jasper finished.
"I won't let them hurt my family" I stated, before they lunged at us.

Jasper began to fight with Paul and Jared. Alice was with Embry and Quil. Sam pinned me down. I tried to get up, but his paw was sturdy and heavy. His mouth opened, showing his canines. A snarl erupted from his chest and it rose into his throat. His teether were inches away from my face, when Carlisle and Esme jumped onto him. Sam fell down, but quickly got back up for a fight. Emmet jumped out, and kicked him, sending him into a bush. Paul lunged at Emmet and chased him. Embry switched to Jasper. Alice got knocked down by Quil. Paul was above her, she was only just holding him up by her hands. There was a whimper from Seth, who just ran in along with his sister; Leah. Leah growled and charged at Paul. They began to fight.

Seth ran and tackled Brady who had Jasper on the floor. Soon we were all stood in a line. Wolves closer the the forest, us, closer to the house. Jasper punched Embry in the jaw, and he whined in pain. Jacob ran in front of us, he was glaring at Sam.
"Stop! It's over!" He bellowed. Sam swerved to get around him. Jacob moved with him. "If you kill her, you kill me!" He shouted. Sam hit his head against his chest, and sent him flying towards the house. Jacob shifted into his russet coloured wolf, and walked over to Sam. Snarling and growling at him. He then began to tell Sam he imprinted on Renesmee.
"Jacob imprinted" I informed the others. Emmets face softened a little. "They can't harm her. It's their most absolute law" San stepped back in defeat. He turned around, and began to trot away.

Brady looked at Jacob, Leah and Seth before whimpering at them.
"You can always stay" Carlisle offered. Before Brady could do anything, there was a howl from the distance. He nodded, before running away. I immediately, ran inside and to my daughters. The other following. Rose was bouncing them up and down. Their eyes were open and they were letting out little gurgles. Rose handed me Renesmee first. She had my hair and eyes. She placed her tiny hand to my face, and images began to flash before my eyes. It was when Bella gave birth to them. A image of Bella came last and Renesmee asked me where she was.
"Your mommy is just sleeping" I cooed. She nodded, before squirming and looking at Jake. I handed her to him hesitantly before looking at my other daughter. She looked more like Bella.

She had Bella's hair, but her eyes were a bright baby blue. She looked intrigued with us all. She laughed, and a flower grew higher. She stopped, and the flower stopped growing. The fire began to go crazy, along with some water in a glass.
"She can control the element, and she can make things explode" Rosalie explained to us. I chuckled and began to think of a name for my other precious daughter.
"Fawn Lucy Cullen" Was the name I came up with.

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