Wedding Day (Part 2): Dakota

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I felt nauseous.

I looked at Alyson, unsure what to do – what to think.

“Maybe I'm wrong,” she offered. “Maybe I misunderstood him.”

“Yeah, maybe,” I breathed out. Afraid I might lose my balance and fall flat on my butt, I grabbed the back of the chair for support.

Twenty minutes left 'til my wedding with the love of my life, my best friend. We were having a simple garden wedding at the Wingland hotel in town. It was an expensive hotel, too. Our parents went all out with helping us plan everything.

We specifically chose this date because all our friends just graduated and were coming home from college. It was our last summer together before we went full on adults with jobs and responsibilities.

Everything went according to plan.

I was in the most amazing gown I'd ever worn – or even ever seen. I felt like a Greek princess with its simplicity and all. My hair was up and my face was covered in makeup. I felt perfect. I felt beautiful.

And I was freaking out.

“I need to talk to him,” I mumbled, deciding then. I grabbed a fistful of my gown, straightened up, and headed to the door without waiting for Alyson's reply.

“Dakota, you're not allowed to see the groom yet!” she panicked.

“I might not have a groom if I don't make a way to see him!”

Although, I find it really hard to believe that Aaron will get cold feet. I'm still nervous. I'm not sure about what Alyson exactly saw earlier when she bumped into Aaron. But I won't sit here and freak out over this without doing something.

This freaking wedding jitters had me all paranoid lately.

“Dakota, honey.”

Oh, crap. Mom. She was superstitious about this sort of stuff.

I bit my lip and looked up. My mother was walking towards me, dressed up really nice. Everything must be prepared already. All the more reason to freak the heck out.

“What's wrong?” asked Mom, concerned etched in her voice.

“I need to see Aaron,” I answered distractedly, attempting to go around past her but she held my shoulders to stop me.

“You can't, honey. You know that.”

I shook my head. “Mom, I need him.” I looked at her pleadingly. “Please.

I needed to make sure he wasn't having second thoughts about this – about us. I needed him to assure me that we weren't making a mistake, because this was pretty freaking life-changing. I needed to see him and touch him.

Mom stared at me for a moment. I held my ground. She sighed.

“All right,” she nodded, letting me go. “I think I saw him with Luke and Ethan.”

“Thank you.”

I didn't waste any time. I ran to the elevator, passing my cousin Viria who was looking out the window. At first I thought that maybe she was sad and hiding out from her famous British ex-boyfriend who agreed to perform at the reception with the rest of the members of High Jinks (the world's hottest British boy band of this age) for free as a favor for her because God knew we couldn't afford that and I really owed her for it.

But then, I saw her make a face.

“What are they doing?” she murmured, bemused.

Curiosity got the better of me. I made a quick glance at the window, down to where she was staring at. There were three weirdo guys on their knees and touching the grass. They were in their tuxes, looking all neat and handsome.

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