Chapter 33

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Life had been treating me pretty well. I havdn't heard from Pierce ever since that encounter with him back in March. There hadn't been a day that I didn't worry about him. I used to think that he would call me that morning after. He never did but I was allowed to hope.

I had been keeping myself busy with the applications for university. I really wanted to get into a prestigious school. However, I also applied to other schools in case I didn't get accepted. I had interviews and campus tours which were nerve wracking but at the same time really exciting. Hugh had been helping me prep for university. He even gave me a job to help him assist in the studio. Usually, I just did his paperwork when he was busy sewing clothes for an upcoming show or for a client. I really didn't mind. Staying at the apartment got boring after a while. I needed a distraction.

Hugh had also been encouraging me to date again. The idea didn't really have an appeal to me as of the moment. I just wanted to concentrate on myself getting into school. The only guy that ever showed interest was a model that worked with Hugh for an upcoming photo shoot for Spring break. He looked impeccably good seeing as he modeled for a living. But I wasn't really attracted to guys that had abnormally huge pectoral muscles. Plus, he was oozing with conceitedness. He kept talking about himself and how he worked out every day. He should have had just married himself. Anyway, he got distracted easily when he saw models walked out of the dressing room wearing bikinis. I just rolled my eyes at him and continued on with my work.

Just after that week, I decided to buy a car of my own. It was a white compact car which was a huge splurge but I didn't care anymore. I thought it was time to enjoy life that I deserved to have. I used up all of my savings that I earned when I used to work in Alexander Corporation. I could say that I regret nothing and definitely loved my new car.

By May, Hugh had graduated and received his degree in Fashion Design. It was a proud moment for me. I couldn't help being a supportive best friend. I woke up extra early that day and made sandwiches for breakfast. It didn't require any cooking since I just daubed on some peanut butter and jelly. I had also been learning to cook when Hugh had time to teach me. I could be left on my own if I would fry some bacon and eggs. Luckily, our kitchen had not burned yet. It would take a little step at a time but I would get there eventually. I got an orange juice carton out from the fridge and poured it on our mugs. When I finished, I went ahead to get inside Hugh's room to wake him up.

"Rise and shine!" I jumped on his bed and shouted in a sing song voice.

Hugh immediately shot up from his sleep and screamed, "What the fuck?" He looked everywhere around the room until his eyes landed on me. He didn't look too happy, I thought.

I giggled and he just gave me a death glare. "Big day ahead! Come on!" I couldn't contain my excitement.

Hugh looked over his digital clock and groaned. "Vee, I still have an hour before I get ready. Go away!" He snuggled back to his comforter and went back to sleep. I pouted when an idea popped inside my head. I went down his bed, grabbing the end of his comforter and pulled it really hard. The comforter was off of him and Hugh just cursed at me. I laughed how irritable he gets when I annoyed him.

"Come on, baby. Breakfast is ready." I cooed, trying my best to sound seductive. He still hated it when I try to flirt with him. It never got old.

"Gross." He groaned and slowly sat up from his bed. "What did you make?" Hugh rubbed all the stars from his eyes as he yawned in the process.

"PB and J." I smiled.

He rolled his eyes, "Of all the things I taught you."

"Hey! At least I prepared something. You don't want it? I could eat two." I huffed as I crossed my arms and walked out the door.

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