Handling Project Management Through an ERP Software

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A number of issues exist when you look into the project management phases. Everything needs to be planned cautiously since you have to fulfill the demands of the stakeholders and much more. What if you include an ERP software for manufacturing in your project management features? It will facilitate you to work on the project accurately with its timely completion.

You will be having full command on all the snippets of the project. You will have to bear less costs with better estimation of resources and improved shop floor efficiency. Further, if you would like to know in detail what advantages you can achieve with ERP for managing projects.

Let's begin.
1. Resource deploymentTo define the desired outcome of the projects, proper resource allocation should be done. By incorporating the best ERP software, you can get to know the required team members of the project. Who is suited for which task? Further, you can also track their progress in real time and extract reports.

2. Risk mitigationProject managers come across certain risks at each and every stage of the project. But you could combat this problem with an ERP solution. You have the authority to review change orders, invoices & stakeholders' information, etc. With an insight of the project, you can identify where the risks lie.

3. Expense reportsAre you still adopting the manual way to process the expense reports of the personnel? It will not happen if an ERP software is utilized. There will be no duplicate or faulty data issues. You can carry out the calculations easily and can achieve accurate results.

4. Sales ordersCombine all of your sales activities under one platform, i.e., ERP software. A sequential sales order process will be much simplified. You can swiftly create and accept sales quotations, have an overview of sales order history, turn quotations into orders and generate invoices in no time. You can also streamline the process of procurement and material requirement planning.

5. Cost estimatingIn the material requirement planning phase, you can have a clear picture of the expenses. While you are estimating the materials necessary for the project, side by side you will also calculate costs that need to be incurred. Therefore, budgeting and financial planning will also be addressed with ERP.

6. Time and billingThis is another potential gain of ERP software to set and automate policies regarding time and billing. What you can do is to easily allocate the time for all the phases of the projects. In this way, you can deliver the project timely. Besides this, you can also see the billing details per client and set a reminder when to pay them.

7. TransactionsConduct transactions with stakeholders smoothly. You have the complete project information, invoicing, billing and payment details. Just a few clicks are required to carry out transactions with ERP. Manage your time in a productive way by empowering yourself with manufacturing ERP systems.

Wrapping upThe need of hour calls for the ERP software to make the most out of all the project management modules. MIE Solutions, a market-leading production control software provider for different industries, offers MIE Trak Pro whereby you can receive all the aforementioned benefits.

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