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Pen Your Pride

hey hey heyy. If anyone notices, this is a story once written by karacan55. well, i am her and like i want to rewrite this story here so YEA....

Its LMAO, not ROFL dude 1

Chole's POV

Life was easy. Got pretty much good grades. Was a pretty decent average in school. Or, more like ignored for me. And i was pretty cool with that. You dont need to be famous or popular to have a good important life. For I, was Chole Arrieta. 

"Popularity is the crown of laurel which the world puts on bad art. Whatever is popular is wrong."

-Oscar Wilde

Just like that quote. I had a few come and go friends. But usually they'd talk to me because of the need for advice, someone to tell their feelings to who wouldnt be such a big mouth, or they want me to do something whether it'd be homework or talking to a guy for them. Sadly... thats the sick life and world i live in today.  But its life isnt it?

You could tell me it'd be alright. Right now... Its the climax... where the heroine has just started  to become... But you wouldnt. Because you know its not true. Life doesnt work like that. Does your life have a fairy godmother, or superpowers, or a prince charming? I dont think so.

"The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

See? That's the life I want. Thats the life I could be living. That's the life I am living. That's the life you are most likely too.

I can't say that I hate books. I just absolutely love them . To be emerged into utter lonliness with no one exactly like  you, you have to do something. So I chose books, music, and lyric writing. I couldn't be more satisfied with my life. They could be the pop stars but I would be the one to make the song. They could be the dancers but I choreographed it. They could be the actresses but I wrote the movie. They can be the writers but I'm the cover maker and the picture drawer.

I am just as important as all of the ones that are popular. Everyone is just as important too. Its just the fact that some people have a high self confidence and a bit to high of and ego. While some are the prejudice and the discriminators. While some, just couldn't really care less.

Popularity isnt everything. I've learned and realized that. The popular girls could be mocking me behind my back, even if I was not that ugly. The popular jockeys could be wondering how I survived in this world. Without a hint of popularity. But they really didnt know. They didn't have the guts to find out.

I was 5'6 and 3/4. I had white blond hair and dark brown highlights. My hair went down to the middle of my neck and i had a side bang on the left side of my face. My eyes were bright blue and my lips looked as if I had permanent lipstick on. My face was the shape of a heart and my nose was slightly flat. I would look like a head cheerleader to you, if I wore the skimpy skirt and the top that shows a bit too much cleavage. I think I have a bit too much natural beauty.

And my parents? They're the loving type of family. Or for what I can assume. At least I hope they are. I was alone in a house. My older sister was in college and my parents and my younger brother and sister were in somewhere in Georgia. I've been sperated from my family for 3 years now. I assume they put a little respect and trust in me to keep me off all alone in Burlington North Dakota. But they're still very protective.

They paid for the house in full and all there was with me was my 27 year old aunt. But she lives somewhere else in North Dakota and is probably being too much of a slut to check on me. Though she checks around 1 every 2 weeks the house gets lonely. Quiet and no one but me and that dog I purchased with chinese new year money. I think the dog is Shih-Tzu and Maltese but I'm not exactly sure. I never really knew what to name him so I just call him  Cosmic.

My life, could be considered dull. Even I would say so myself. Even you would, and stop reading the story right now and here. But you wouldn't think that for long. If you keep reading that is. Because my life, has and would just turn upside down . And you wouldn't want the miss the best part of my fairytale.

Now would you? Because I can assure you.. my life is absolutely full of mysteries.

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