Chapter 10 - The Unwanted Visitor

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His Secretary To Be.

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Chapter Ten – The Unwanted Visitor.

Luciano ran his fingers over his father’s hand, his eyes watering up again. It has been like this for days, waiting for changes in his father’s condition was driving him crazy. If Cassidy wasn’t beside him he would break.

“It has been two weeks, Cassie. What if he doesn’t wake up?”

His voice sounded strained, she had a feeling that the moment she wrapped her arms around him he would break down. Gulping the painful lump away she turned her back toward him and blinked her own tears back. For his sake she had to be strong, didn’t she promise herself that she would never break down again. Never showing people her own weakness, because she feared they would use it against her.

“He’ll wake up, Luciano. Your father is going to be fine. Everyone believes in it, why can’t you? The doctors told you a few times already that he is making progress and you can see more color in his face already. I’d say Michaelangelo will survive this. I’m more terrified about what is going to happen to Adrianna at the moment.”

Dropping his hand to his side Luciano stepped toward his girlfriend and wrapped his arms firmly around her middle. Leaning in he pressed a soft kiss to her pulse, letting her sweet floral scent engulf him. Her warmth and scent always calmed him down, it was almost like a drug to him now.

“Nothing is going to happen to that woman. Stop worrying about someone who doesn’t deserve your concern. Adrianna didn’t care about you, do you remember your last encounter?”

Adrianna definitely didn’t deserve anyone’s pity but somehow she did pitied her. The woman had her mind set on something, didn’t she do the same with her ex-boyfriend? She herself had her mind set on fleeing and starting over, and she succeeded yet now she felt so guilty it consumed her at night.

She let out a tired sigh and turned around to face her boyfriend, “You’re right, I’ll stop thinking about her. Daniele is doing fine these days. It’s kind of hilarious to see him and Isabella working closely together.”

His lips curled up at hearing that, “You only find that hilarious because it’s like torture to Isabella. Daniele being her boss, I mean. She isn’t capable of submitting, she can only order people around. It’s a good lesson Rodolfo is trying to teach her.”

“Danny is amazing. Straight forward and treats her like a real employee. Shouldn’t she be grateful that Rodolfo came up with such a mellow punishment? Your father practically disowned Daniele.”

“That’s not true, he just made sure Daniele can’t get to his trust fund.”

“It’s the same!”

“It’s not.” Luciano’s eyes trailed down to her stomach while a sudden anxious feeling washed over him, “Have you done a test yet?”

Her throat felt suddenly dry at hearing his question. She actually had been planning to be oblivious. That subject terrified her more than Adrianna’s future. What if the test came out positive? A lot of things would change, and deep down she feared it would make Luciano hate her. He already did something against his own principles. It seemed like he didn’t mind, but she feared that a pregnancy would change that.

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