Amsal's pov !

I woke up ! But felt my eye lids are to heavy ! I tried to get up but my head hurts alot ! Idk know why? My arm started to hurt then i remember its because of lost of blood ! I touch my hand but it was covered with bandage ! Then i remember ruksana !

Shit shit shitttt ! Ruksana wo tou rou rahi hogi ! Usne maa ko na bata diya ho ! Agr bata diya hoga! Matlb main wapis jaa rahi hun ! Bht mushkil se nikli hun dard se ! Ab wapisi mushkil hai

I tried to stand up ! By taking support i headed out of the room ! I went to stairs ! I lost my balance and i was ready to get my hurt again ! Then i feel two warm arms on my waist to hold me ! I opened my eyes to see who it was? It was hussain ! I smiled weakly but his eyes were full of worriedness ! I thanked him for saving me! But he didn't utter a single word ! Then ruksana came and give me support to walk to the living area! I was trying to talk to Ruksana but she was ignoring me !

"Ruksana ?"

"Ruki? "

"Ruko jaan " i was calling by her nicks but she was ignoring me ! I act like my wrist cut hurt ! She looked towards me than i asked angrly ! I was shock to see her like this !

"Kyun amzy ? Kyun kata ? Wo chor gaya tmhen ! Us k liye ye sb kr rahi ho ! Jise tmhari koi fikar nahi ! Jisne tmhare samne kise se engagement krli ! Ek dafa usne tmhara nahi socha! Usk liye hath kaat liya! Humara socha? Mera ? Mama? Papa ? Jo tmse pyaar krte hain ! Us bewafa insan ki kadaar hai magr humari nahi ! Wo ja chuka hai ! " ruksan replied while crying soo hard ! Then she pulled me into a hug ! Some tears rapidly drop from my eyes too ! I opened my eyes ! And saw hussain sitting there with a confused look ! Ruksana get up to get me some juice ! In the room there's only me and hussain ! Hussain opened his mouth to say something but before he could say something i cut him!

" main kise ko pasand krti thi ! Wo mjhe bhi psnd krta tha! Usne mere samne engagement krli ! Main bebaas khari rahi ! Kuch na kr payi ! Apni family k samne rou bhi na payi takleef ko bhulane ki koshsh krti rahi ! Magr main aj kise se takrayi usne mjhe uski yad dilayi ! Mera dil phat gaya aur main brdasht na kr payi ! Aur khud ko saza di ! " i told him my whole story ! His eyes went wide and He was shocked to hear my story ! Then he smiled and took my hand in his hand and said !

" jo guzar gaya wo kal tha! Buri cheezein usi k sath reh gayi hain ! Magr apne apko saza dena ? Theek nai hai ! Amsal jeeyo un k liye jo tmhen pyaar krein ! Unki khushi k parwa kro ! Uski parwa na kro jisne takleef di ! " i looked striaght in his eyes! It was glossy my eyes started to pool up ! I wipe my tears away and smiled !

Then Ruksana came with four glasses of juice! I asked her why ? She told me that hussain's brother is coming ! I said okay ! Then there's a knock on the door ! Ruksana went to open the gate ! A boyish voice greeted us i turned around to look who it was ! Its the guy who provked me to do this all ! Just because of him ! I hurt my self ! I shouted towards his face ! Coz my blood was boiling !

"What the hell are you doing here? Just get of my house ! Just because you i did self harm and now you are standing in front of me ! I can't believe it ! Get out you morron ! " i shouted my heart out ! He was standing there with a plain face ! Who is he? Why is he here?

Then hussain to that guy ! And pulled his arm to go with him they left ! Now i felt to weak ! I fell on the sofa with a thud! Ruksana came and sit next to me on the sofa! She was crying again but why? I opened my eyes little and asked her why is she crying ? The she told me !

"Pata hai tmhen kisne bachaya? Jb tm behosh thi pata hai peeche kia huwa? " her eyes started to get wet !

"Kia huwa? " i asked her confusely !

" tmhare bed pe khoon hi khoon tha! Mjhe tou kuch pata hi nai tha k kia krun ? Main samne walon k gayi ! Aur darwazaya bajaya ! Jb darwaza khula tou ye tha shehryaar ! Hussain ka bara bhai ! Main khud bhi heeran thi ! But us waqt zarort thi ! Main ne use sb mamla bataya ! Wo bagair kuch soch k bhagta huwa aya ! Usne tmhen bachaya aur hussain doc laya is liye wo yahan tha ! Aur shehryaar doc ko chorne aur tmhare liye medicine lene ! Usne kuch nahi kiya ! Naa hi wo bura hai ! Us ki ankhon main takleef thi tmhen aisa dekh! She told me everything what happened !

I was too shocked to hear ! Now i was feeling too guilty about what i did with him ! He even didn't said a single word ! I wanted to cry out loud because i was too wrong ! And i'm guilty as the charge ! I have to apologize to him ! But how i'm gonna apologize to him ! I have to figure something out !

Ya Allah bs kise trha mauf krde wo ! Bht gadhii hun ! Ab kaise manaun gi use ! Sochhh Amsalll ! Dimag chala apna !

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