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Chapter Twenty-Two| Dario

"You're a lonely business man! A power hungry piece of shit, no wonder why your parents neglected you!"

"I hate you!"

"You will get us out and then I never want to see you again."

I clench my eyes shut at the memories of last night. I stare at the photo frame that holds a picture of Leona and I from my birthday.

I gulp the rest of my whiskey down. It's the morning now and I haven't left the office.

I've fucked up so bad.

How can she truly forgive me when I've betrayed her like this?

I clench my fists at the thought of never being able to hold her in my arms again, never being able to see her beautiful smile in the mornings.

I didn't want to do this to her.

I never wanted to do this to her.

Christian is the biggest piece of shit going, he won't take my money because that's too easy for him, he wants to see me suffer and the only way he can do that is with my Leona.

I lied to her. I didn't do Christian dirty, it was the other way round. He betrayed me but if I had told Leona that yesterday he would not of hesitated to release that picture of us and I know Leona wouldn't like that.

If I was to tell her the truth now I know she wouldn't believe me.

She wouldn't forgive me anyway because in the beginning of all this I was ready to ruin her business.

I saw her as competition, some other business that meant nothing.

But she meant everything in the end of it.

She is my everything.

Ten years ago, Christian did manage to get himself into debt, multiple times but not because of me. He's a gambling addict. It got to the point where I refused to help him and he took offence to it.

He told me I would regret not helping him but I didn't care.

He disappeared and then he came back.

He needed my help. Told me his mother was dying of cancer and needed special treatment in Germany.

Of course I felt sorry for him.

I offered to pay for her treatment.

He refused.

He wanted half of my business instead. I said no.

Then came Leona.

The goal was to get her to sign half of her business to me which Christian would then take over.

Within a couple weeks of getting to know Leona I had already fallen. I was spending so much time with her I forgot everything that was going on.

Christian came to visit me again and I told him the deal was over and that I will just pay for his mother's treatment and then I never want to see him again.

Then came the blackmail.

I couldn't go to the police.

I still can't. He knows people.

So he threatened to kill my parents. I know they barely looked after me but I could never let them get killed because of me.

The guilt would eat me alive.

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