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Pen Your Pride

Princess Violet Dusk

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Twilight ran to the bookshelf. She laughed half nervously half crazily. She was going to be ready. She was sure Princess Celestia was going to give her another test. She was not going to fail.

"This has been going on for two hours, MAKE IT STOP!!!" Spike pleaded desperately to Twilight's friends. Rarity nodded lighting her horn, emptying Twilight's saddlebag and replacing the books with an apple and something to read during the trip. Rainbow Dash pushed her out of the library, locked the door and guarded the key with Applejack. Everyone else was just trying to deal with Pinkie's talking AKA Torture if Twilight set foot in the library.

" Come on now Sugarcube relax, I am sure you'll do fine"

That is how Equestria was destroyed. Kidding!

Twilight sat in the empty train car. Staring at the library in the distance before the train moved too far for her to see it. She fidgeted with her hooves and rubbed her horn repeatedly. She couldn't believe her friends. If she fails she could be banished then banished out of the place she was banished to then imprisioned or worse... magic kindergarten. Images of fillies' faces laughing filled her mind. Words like nerd, freak and weirdo haunted her. She remembered when she had

still lived in Canterlot, since she was the student of the Princess she wasn't bullied but she could still hear them talking behind her back. She started

hyperventilating which suprised her because she thought she was already.

One long agonising hour later she was in Canterlot. The train staff spun and fell over from the purple whirlwind that they called a unicorn. She galloped towards the castle at full sped. She reached the castle, went to barge in but then knocked and opened the door quietly. Three figures were consorting over something. She recognised all of them. Twilight cleared her throat. Princess Celestia looked up. So did Princess Cadence and Shining Armour. "Hello Twilight" Twilight was suprised. Shining Armour only called her Twilight instead of Twily if it was extremely serious.

"I'll leave you three alone." Princess Celestia gave Cadence a meaningful look then walked out of the room. Twilight was shaking, what had she done wrong? In Applejack's words she was more nervous than a worm in an apple on cider making day. Cadence and Shining Armour fared no better. Finally Shining Armour took a deep breath.

"Twilight, Cadence and I have been going out for a long time. Before you were even born. You know that I am a lot older than you and our parents are a bit too old to be your parents. " It was clear that Shining was struggling so Cadence stepped in.

"Twilight, I am your mother"

"What?!" She asked or yelled whichever one you prefer. She galloped out of the room and down the hall. Almost running into Princess Celestia.

Tears were now running freely down Twilight's face. "Twilight Sparkle, my student I know you are upset but there is something you need to see.

Princess Luna layed on her bed, sleeping during the day as usual even though she had no moon duties at the moment. The door knob turned revealing a worried Princess Celestia and a very distraught Twilight Sparkle. Tia explained the situation to Twilight.

"How can I help, that spell is only for alicorns." Twilight asked. Tia didn't respond in words but lit up her horn. Twilight was lifted into the air. Then as quickly as the spell started it ended. Twilight's beautiful wings did not help her from falling to the ground. "Ow!" Then she saw them "Wings?..."

She caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror. She was a full grown alicorn with tall legs, long horn, flowing mane and most importantly wings.

Luna gasped, not in suprise but in pain. She was going into labour.

After several long hours a baby's cries fill the room. A small purple alicorn filly was nestled in her mother's arms. Tears were rolling down Luna's eyes. "Her name is Princess Violet Dusk." Princess Luna handed her sister the foal.

Within a single flash of light she was gone. Luna broke down and sobbed.

Around the same time in a galaxy in another dimension. A couple were expecting their first child. The little baby girl was a stillborn. Until a bright flash filled the room and the child opened her bright violet eyes.

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