Chapter 1

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I just want to say that I was a crappy author at this time, so there will be some strange plots, actions that seem really stupid. But hey, enjoy.


Lucy's POV

It has been 3 months already that Lisana has returned and well I have been ignored by everyone EVERYONE.
It was a normal day and I was heading to fairy tail. But when I opened the door there was so much glares and i don't know why until one flamebrain came and spoke.

''-Lucy !!!'' Exclaimed Natsu , but not in a happy tone but an angry one.

''-Wha-aat?'' I said, surprised by his outburst.

''-How could you hurt Lissana , look at her she's right there all bruised and she says that it was you.'' He shouted.

''-What me ? Hahahaha. You guys are so pathetic , and you know what,I'm going to get out of this horrible guild!'' I don't now why I acted like that, I was just tired of all of this.

-''Remember my words fairy tail , you're going DOWN!!'' I shouted.

With that I scratched my hand with a knife in the shape of an X and exit the guild running.

(?????) POV

Yes Lucy , continue walking and find me. We are perfect to each other , evil is all that matters evil is life. The dark figure laughed like the vilian he is.


Sorry if there is grammar errors , because english is not my first language and yeahh....

I hope you liked it ! Please follow comment etc

And by the way Fairy Tail doesn't belong to me hiroshima does.
Byye guys

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