22. Hall of The Ball- 3

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Band of elves started playing the rhythm of music by those strings attached between semi-circle pillars and ground. Melody was slow and smooth.

Min Hyung Sik had already left his seat to accompany the King. It was a Royal ball so the first ones to dance were always the prince and the princess.

Guests were all standing at the side while the prince and princess were dancing with their partners and everyone watched them.

"Why only prince and princess?" Saeyon asked curiously.

"It's a Royal ball. It starts with the dance of the Prince and the Princess and then the Nobel families and other esteemed people join in. Sometimes common folks don't even get to dance until the end." Jin said and Saeyon nodded.

Everyone clapped as the dance of Royal siblings ended. And slowly some Nobels started to join.

"Yurissi~" a girl came running towards Yuri and quickly took her in a tight hug.

"Sumi!" She hugged her back.

"There are also other people if you have noticed," Jin said looking at her who almost strangled his partner to death.

"SeokJin looking handsome as always."

"Well can't help that-" 

Sumi cut him before he can compliment any further on his face. "In a suit designed by me."

"Can't you just give me a simple compliment!?" Jin said playfully and she smiled.

"Everyone looks well in the outfit!" She said looking at her beautiful art of work. "Awesome!" She cheered.

"Well, she is my friend Sumi who made our outfits for tonight." Taehyung introduced her to both girls.

"Nice to meet you." Both said in unison.

"Well I wanted to show you-" she looked around finding particularly someone. "-Ahh there he is!" She fetched a guy who was standing few feet away.

"Here. Meet Jeon Jungkook. My partner for the evening!" She said excitedly introducing the guy to her friends while he had a straight face.

 My partner for the evening!" She said excitedly introducing the guy to her friends while he had a straight face

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"You forgot to say "accidentally"". Jungkook spoke. "I was just at your shop to get an outfit and ended up being your partner." 

His dry comment made everyone laugh.

"It's called fate darling!" She linked her arms with him looking at him.

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