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It was your first day at the bau. You we're finally pursuing your life long dreams. You kept checking in the mirror to make sure you looked perfect. You had your hair completely straight you made sure of that. You were wearing a white striped pencil skirt and a black long sleeve v-neck. You wore diamond earrings that had been passed down to you by your grandma. You also wore a gold necklace you've had since high school but in all fairness you never take it off.

"How do I look clover" you turned to your dog who was sitting on the bed behind you. You put the last finishing touches and grabbed your keys to your car and to your apartment. You rushed out the door "I'll be back clover". You ran down the 4 flights of stairs in your building and out to your car. You drove to the bau building. You stepped out of the car and grabbed your things and walked to the doors then to the elevator. You asked a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes "hi sorry to bother you but can you tell me where agent Hotchners
Office is" "oh of course just go down by those desk then up that little ramp and his office is the first one there" she said with a smile "thank you so much" you walked to his office passing many agents that just stared at you.

You knocked on the door "come in" you heard a stern deep voice say from the other side. You opened the door. "You must be y/n l/n" "yes and you are Aaron Hotchner if I'm not mistaken" "yeah but please call me "Hotch""he said with a small smile shaking my hand. "SSA Rossi has talked very good things about you" Rossi was your mentor in college. You smile not knowing what to say "we are glad to have you on this team" "thank you sir" "I would love to introduce you to the team but they have a case and need to be on the jet soon if you don't mind waiting here" "oh not at all" he walked out for about 10 minutes.

He came back in "I'd like to give you a tour before we meet the team in queens for a case" "okay" you stood up from your chair and followed him. He showed you around the building and then to Rossi's office Rossi was still in there. I guess he decided to hang back and take the jet with you and Hotch. "We should go meet the team in New York" Hotch said to you and Rossi. You guys got on the jet and Rossi talked about how much of a genius you were nothing compared to Reid but still extremely smart.

You guys landed in queens, New York. Hotch drove to the police station. You guys started right on the case. You didn't even get a chance to meet everyone. "Hey.. um hey.. princess" you felt a tap on your shoulder you were so focused on your work you didn't even notice he was talking to you. You turn around "princess?" You joked "sorry.. I-I just didn't know your name" he stuttered a bit "don't sweat it I'm y/n l/n" you introduced yourself "nice to meet you I'm Derek Morgan".
What your wearing:

(I had to add the princess thing😂)(Sorry this is so short I'm writing this at 12:00am and I'm most definitely sleep deprived but it's okay also let's say your friend is watching clover)

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(I had to add the princess thing😂)
(Sorry this is so short I'm writing this at 12:00am and I'm most definitely sleep deprived but it's okay also let's say your friend is watching clover)

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