Niall Horan Imagines

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1. Niall is cuddling you after you've fallen down the stairs. "It's okay, baby. It'll stop hurting soon... It was pretty funny though." he giggles, making you laugh.

2. You and Niall are walking along the beach. It begins to get dark and you start to feel the cold. Niall sees you shiver and takes off his hoodie so you can wear it. "I don't want you to catch a cold." he smiles.

3. You've just had a huge argument with your best friend who decided to humiliate you in front of your whole class by calling you ugly and disgusting. As you run out of the classroom in tears, someone grabs your hand and stops you. "Please, don't go. Ignore them, you're perfect to me." You turn round and see Niall, who has tears in his eyes, "Please." he repeats. You walk towards him and hug him tightly. "Come and sit with me." he says, linking your fingers and walking back into the classroom. He pulls you onto his knee and sits cuddling you until the teacher comes. Then you slide onto the seat next to him and hold his hand under the table for the rest of the lesson.

4. You're sat on a bench in the park with your best friend Niall, playfully feeding each other. "I'm in love with someone." you say. He stops smiling. "Who?" he asks. "His name is Niall Horan." "Who's Niall Horan?! Oh wait...I'M Niall Horan." He leans over the bench and kisses you. "I love you." he smiles. "I love you too." you grin.

5. You're on Twitter, and you tweet about ideas for a new background photo. Within two minutes, you receive a tweet from...@NiallOfficial! "Oh my God, Niall Horan!!" you shriek. You look at the tweet: it's a picture saying 'Nialler's Princess...' and he wrote a caption with it: "Is this picture ok, beautiful? x"

6. You're chilling with the boys at their flat, along with Danielle and Eleanor. You go to stand up from the couch and, as you do so, Niall reaches out and pulls you onto his knee in the armchair, before wrapping his arms round your waist. "Stay with me." he whispers in your ear. You smile and everyone says "Awww" causing you to blush.

7. Niall is teaching you how to play guitar, with his hands over yours and his head over your shoulder. As he shows you how to strum a chord, he turns his head and kisses your temple gently. "You're doing great." he whispers.

8. You're having a movie night on the sofa with Niall. Your head is resting on his chest as he twirls your hair around his finger. "I love your hair..." he mumbles sleepily, making you smile.

9. You're packing your bags after spending the summer at the beach where you met Niall. He's sat watching you, nearly crying while you try to hold back the tears. "I wrote a song for you." he whispers. He grabs the guitar he bought you and starts strumming. Tearfully, he sings to you in his perfect voice and when he gets to the chorus, you let the tears flow. "Cause you were mine for the summer, now we know it's nearly over. Feels like snow in September, but I always will remember: you were summer love, you always will be my summer love." He finishes the song on one last sweet note and burst into tears. "I don't want you to go." he sobs. "I have to, Niall. I'm sorry." you cry. You sit beside him and hold his hand while he wraps his other arm around you. "I love you." he sighs through his tears. "I love you more." you reply, "I love you most." he says, kissing your head and keeping you held in his arms.

10. You're in class, but you aren't listening because you're too busy texting Niall who's sat right next to you. Niall: Can I borrow a pen? x You: Yeah x You reach into your bag and find a pen before handing it to Niall. He takes it and grabs your wrist to turn your hand over. Then he starts writing on your wrist, covering it with his hand. A few seconds later, he repositions his hand and links his fingers with yours. You read what he's written, it says: 'Will you be my girlfriend, Princess?♥' You look up at him, and your eyes meet. He's biting his lip nervously. You smile and nod to say yes, and he grins, exposing his adorable braces. He doesn't let go of your hand.

Hey, guys! I hope you like these Nialler Imagines. I made them up myself:') You can request for one with your name and chosen member of 1D by just mailing me:') Okay, soo...Byee:')xox

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