Chapter Twenty Seven

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The rest of the month went by quickly. Dan and I hadn't made anything official, but we had gone on many dates. I had started to show up on the show than helping out with things. (Which made me gain a good amount of followers). Phil and I were still a bit edged towards each other but we acted well for the show.

The Fourth of July was an accident. I was sort of patriotic back in America, and I would get excited for celebrations. So naturally, I liked the Fourth. I wore a flag shirt that I had left over from last year and I wore it, the whole walk to the studio.

"Happy Fourth of July everyone!" I said as I entered the studio. My aura fizzled as I saw no one else in American apparel. "Shit."

I was turning around to walk back home and call a sick day, but Dan grabbed my arm.

"It's okay," he laughed.

"The show is starting," Phil said.

Dan put his headphones on. I avoided the camera, I couldn't be seen.

Eventually, I did get into shot, but not after I stole Dan's jacket.

"You know, you look really, really hot in my jacket," Dan muttered to me during the show.

"You idiot!" I said, my eyes widened, I pointed , "Everyone listening and watching just heard that! Dan, Twitter is going to explode. And Tumblr!"

"Shit," he slapped his forehead.

I already knew what the ship names would be.



But I knew what the real ship name was.


I mean come on, he calls me Gwendolyn, why wouldn't it be Dandolyn. I ship it.

PJ frickin Liguori OTPs it.

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