50: Together and Happy

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Author's POV:

          As below the dark starry sky, through the stilled lake and mischievous air, The boat of the couple rowed towards the other side's harbour, it finally slowed down as it neared the destination, totally opposite of the heart of Aayat that had been beating as never before, violently, as if rebelling against herself as she was sitting besides Mahir, the man who had just a few moments ago had said those three magical words to her and whose gaze could be still felt on her face even though her gaze was stuck towards the platform of the boat.

         "We are here, sir." The Oarsmen informed as the boat stopped, Mahir nodded and then he talked about the payment but Aayat was lost starring at the illuminating place on the other side, just where they were before half an hour ago, where the most unexpected reality had unfolded before her. Was it real? She thought, but then as certain someone called her name, at which she felt a strange flutter inside her, made her come out of her thoughts.

"Aayat.." he called her name softly, earning her attention, and with a slight smile, he forwarded her hand to help her get down the boat, as he was already out.

She looked at him, as his face flowed under the moonlight, his grey eyes shinning like never before and then towards his hand and then again at him as he said,

"Let's go. It's getting late."

She nodded slightly, as she forwarded her hand, and it was then she knew, that no matter how many times he had held her hands, but each time he does, it sents the shiver down her spine like the first time. Hesitantly she gave her hand into his and then as he held onto it softly, she got down the boat.

"Thank you Both of you. Have a good night." The elderly Oarsmen said as he smiled at them, which they returned back and then turned the other way, as they started walking back towards the street of the village where their car was parked.

         It was a ten minutes walk, through the tree surrounded pathway, a silent one technically but for Mahir it wasn't, as his mind and heart were constantly buzzing with various thoughts and various questions. Questions of whether she understands his feelings towards her in all the seriousness and so many more, but he knew that the answer to all these questions are to be told by the upcoming times. And though he still was excited to unfold all these answers, what gave his heart the peace it somehow longed for was the only answer that she was able to give to him, with all of her innocence and sincerity that proved that she was saying the truth, and it was nothing else but a sentence that echoed into his ears like the sweetest melody,

"I trust you Mahir. Now more than ever."

         Trust. That was what held the most important value among all the other emotions, and the fact that she trusted him, made him sure about the fact that she trusted in all his words, his feelings, his love towards her. She accepted them.

        As he opened the door of the car for her, he saw the ever blushing face of her, as he sat inside, her eyes down casted, he smiled. Because for real, he was feeling the most peace in his life today than ever.


         It was past a few minutes since they had were back in their hotel suite. Aayat had gone to get fresh meanwhile, Mahir was half laid down on the sofa, his eyes closed and lips pursed into smile as he couldn't help but replay the events of today, again and again in his mind, it was as if, he was seeing the most beautiful dream. But as he heard the sound of door of the washroom opening, he opened the eyes and saw her coming out of it, her hijab loosely tied around the head, a few strands of her wet hair, falling ahead as their gaze for a fleeting moment met but then she averted her gaze and then went towards the dressing table while Mahir got up and took his clothes with him to the washroom.

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