Chapter 1

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If you haven't read the disclaimer in the description, I suggest you do before you read this. This is a branch off of the Maximum Ride series but I feel with how I am writing this, you won't have to have read the books to enjoy this. I'll try to explain all I can throughout the story. Enjoy. :)


It had been five years since Iggy had been in New York.

He hated it.

Being blind and alone in the Big Apple was difficult.

He couldn't hear what he needed to hear when he needed to hear it. It was constant honking and yelling and loud music playing on every street.

He went to the library on a daily basis just to get away from it all. He loved how quiet it was. It kept out the loudness of the city.

It also reminded him if his time with the Flock; his family. He missed them like hell.

Iggy didn't want to leave, but Max talked him into it.

More like she made him.

That's just how Max is.

But even though they were so far apart, they all agreed to meet up at Lake Mead in Arizona every month or so.

Iggy had reluctantly learned braille because NYIT required him to so he could follow along with the classes but it also helped him send letters to the Flock, so that was an upside.

He was one of the youngest students there at the technical school. He was quite shocked he even got in, seeing as he hadn't really had much experience with a proper school.

They didn't seem to care.

They only wanted his brains. He was quite knowledgeable with bomb type things, considering.

You know, considering he was blind.

Iggy was almost twenty. He didn't have an exact birthday so he just went with March 14 which was Albert Einstein's birthday. That was a month away and he wasn't really looking forward to it.

Why should he?

He didn't even know how long their muntant bodies would last so counting up the years meant counting down to death.

"Mutant bodies?!" you say? Yeah Iggy and his family all have wings. Long story. We'll get to that later.

It was almost closing time and the librarian came and told him so.

He was there so often that she knew him by name and knew his schedule and almost everything about him.


She was an older lady and reminded Iggy of what he imagined a grandma would be like. And the best part was that she was only nice to him.

He would sometimes hear her getting onto kids messing around or someone eating or someone who returned a book late.

But with him it was different.

Maybe it was because he was blind but he didn't mind so much.

He liked to think that she trusted him.

It felt refreshing.

He pulled his jacket around himself and picked up his damn walking stick.

He hated that, too.

It made him feel helpless.

He was a mutant for god's sake; he shouldn't be blind.

Or he should at least have some super bat-like power that resembled echo location and worked wonders in crowds. But no.

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