Saving Styles

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I'm looking up at the doctor who's keeping me prisoner in a cage and he smiles evilly at me before locking the collar around my neck to the bars of the cage then locking the cage door before walking out the door.
I'm looking around the room before Zayn says "Guys calm the fuck down this isn't helping." And I say "Please stop fighting." And I look into Zayn's bright green eyes and I notice his hair turning brown and curling so I say "Zayn your turning into Harry!!" And Zayn says "What?!" And I nod and say "Yeah." And I say "Niall, Liam follow me." And they nod and follow me out the door and I walk down the hall and to a secret door with a lock on it and I look through the window and see Harry trapped in a cage.
And so I unlock the door and walk inside and to the cage which I unlock and then I unlock the collar and Harry steps out of the cage and walks up to me and licks me and then I say "Liam can you change him back?" And Liam nods and feeds Harry something that makes him turn back to normal and then I see his eyes turn from green to brown as his hair turns black and forms into a quiff hair style and then I see my hair turn from my feathery hair style into Liam's curly hair style as my eyes also turn brown and then I see Niall turn into me and Liam turn into Niall.
I look at Louis and Niall and Liam and say "Guys what just happened?" And Louis says "Well apparently we switched personalities so you turned into Zayn snd Zayn turned into you and I turned into Liam and Liam turned into Niall and Niall turned into me."

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