Chapter 28

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Hayes POV
After Aubrey stormed out of the room everyone started yelling at me I couldn't make out what they where saying they where so angry I looked over at Nikki "get ur damn cloths on u ugly slut" I screamed I had tears rushing down my face I ran out of the room, I bumped into someone I looked up to see Nash, he rolled his eyes "why" his voice cracked in disappointment "i- I don't know I wasn't thinking" I cried "how far along is she "5 months" I looked down he walked away so I went looking for Aubrey. I walked into cams room but regretted it I saw them making out I was pissed my heart raced and my blood boiled
*you already know what happens*
I laid there with the girl of my dreams fast asleep in my arms a smile spread across my face I sighed and leaned my head back and drifted off into a dream.
I woke up cold Aubrey not there I was wondering where she was. I walked down stairs to the kitchen but stopped when I heard faint whispers "we can't let hayes know what where doing" a voice sounding like Aubrey spoke "never baby now how about we finish in my room" I looked to see Aubrey and cam kissing a tear rolled down my face "how could she do this to me" I thought to myself... I sat up real quick my heat pounding tears streaming down my face "hayes are u ok?" Aubrey sat up I looked at her and hugged her real tight "I'm perfect now" I whispered "why where u crying" she asks wiping away the tears "it was just a dream but now I'm fine" I smiled and kissed her "I love u" I said laying back down wrapping my arms around her "I love u too" she said drifting off into her own dreams.

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