Skirts and jerks

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Almost a week had passed since then. The party had been that weakened, and it was now Friday. The young blond crossdresser decided to do something crazy. Something insane-something that absolutely no one else would do. He came to school in a skirt. Why? Well, there was a multitude of reasons, for one he looked fucking amazing in it. But this time it was due to another, more important reason. One of his friends was dress coded! Elizabeth was dress coded because of her skirt, so he and the boys decided to wear skirts to protest it! Well, mainly Alfred, Francis, Gilbert, and Antonio. They got along like peas in a pod. Alfred laughed as he ran up to his new group, wearing a rather cute pleated skirt with a large sweater. He also wore a hair pin and made sure to push all bounds of the dress code.

"Hey guys!" He was far happier now, and was a bit less angry then before. Being around them had made him much more manageable so he didn't lash out often. Alfred gasped when he saw Feli was wearing a skirt as well,

"You decided to wear one too? Is lovi wearing one?" Alfred smiled as Feli hugged him and giggled,

"Noooo! But I tried really hard to get him to!" The Italian complained while Alfred laughed again.

"I can't blame you for trying. If anything he'd just curse out the teachers." Alfred said. He gave a rather warm smile as he looked at him. These smiles were reserved only for that small group. Whenever he wasn't with them, he always wore a dead, annoyed look for the most part, save for when his ex friends walk by. When they did, Alfred made sure to tell he ore their existence. He didn't even bat an eye in their direction, unless it was in a mocking way when they tried to say something to him, like now for instance.

"OI, cross dressing now are we? What's next you're gonna get your dick chopped off?" Arthur snorted at Alfred.

Alfred glanced at Arthur and then struck a pose "oh? Maybe? I'm sure it's still be bigger then yours." He laughed before leaning forward towards Arthur "you're just jealous that someone as appalling as me can look better in a skirt then you." Alfred honestly didn't look that bad. In fact, he looked rather good now, in all terms of the word. His acne was clearing up thanks to kikus help, his fashion was improving now that Francis was there, and Ludwig also ran Alfred and the group like dogs during gym. His friends also made Alfred more confident. Which is why he didn't wear thigh highs. Alfreds scars were out and they were on display. Of course that had made him a bit on edge, since he didn't know how most would react, but it was time for him to stop hiding. Alfred hated who he was, so why should he stay that way?

Arthur opened his mouth to make another distasteful comment when he glanced down and noticed a scar. Whatever words he was going to say died on the tip of his tongue before he turned swiftly and walked off. A million thoughts were racing through Arthur's head, but there was one main one. Am I the reason he did that...?

Feli made a face at Alfred "do you think he..?"

Alfred simply nodded "he saw them." The boy then turned to his group "and that's a good thing. I want him and those bastards to know exactly how much they hurt me..." he then gave a warm smile "and I want them to know that it doesn't bother me anymore..." he gave Feli another hug "anyway, let's get this protest on and then go party!" He happily cheered.

Heya! It's been over a month since I last updated and I'm sorry. School has been royally kicking my ass and I'm always tired. I'll try to post more, but it's just hard with how little time I have. Even now I have homework I should be doing that's unfinished 😞 it sucks ass but hopefully they let up now that the end of the marking period has passed. Anywho, I did a mini timeskip bc I wanna have the Halloween party lol. Also here's some art I made it doesn't have anything to do with the story it's just cute lol

 Also here's some art I made ✨ it doesn't have anything to do with the story it's just cute lol

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