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Scary Movies: (pt.2)Niall Imagine DIRTY

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You laughed inwardly. Did he really think he could be that sweet without getting anything in return? You pulled his face closer to yours and whispered against his lips, "You tell me all the time that you love me, it's due time you put those words into action; I'm going to show you how much I love so that you'll ALWAYS remember". You pushed him to the ground so that he was laying flat on his back.

His eyes widened and he licked those plump pink lips that you lover against yours. He grabbed you hips and pulled you on top of him eager for your touch. He flipped you over and quickly took off both of your shirts. Well some ones Horan-y. He unclasped your bra and threw it somewhere in the hall.

He kissed your neck and worked down until he got to your breast and kissed all around the nipple. You moaned lowly trying to hide it. Niall took this as a challenge and flicked his tongue over the now hard nub and began to massage your other boob.

You arched your back wanting more of the warm wet muscle.

He kissed down your stomach and got to your pants. He looked up at you asking for your permission ad you just nodded wildly. He laughed and unbuttoned your jeans revealing his boxers that you had stolen earlier. He shook his head at you and got rid of those also. He spread you legs and put them over his shoulders pulling you closer to him.

The next thing you know you felt him place a soft kiss to your clit. Next he nipped at it a bit. You groaned loving the feeling he was providing. He suddenly kicked it up a notch placing his whole mouth over your center. Your hips bucked up and you screamed his name. You could feel him smirking against you.

He slowly moved his tongue in and out of you. You felt yourself getting closer but you didn't wanna end so quickly. You pulled him up to you and he looked at you shocked. "T-too Cl-c-close" you stuttered pleasure still in your system. He nodded and wrapped you legs around his still clothed waist.

Niall carried you to the bedroom and laid you gently on on the bed. You helped him with his belt and pulled his pants down. He climbed on top of you and stroked your face with his thumb. "Are you sure?" He asked searching for some type unsureness.

"YES NIALL! FUCK ALREADY!" you screamed. "Your mean when your horny" he said before inching his way into you trying not to hurt you.

It felt like your insides were being torn apart and a few tears came to your eyes. He laced his fingers with yours and place them above your head whispering useless and sorry's and sweet nothing's into your ear as he began thrusting softly in and out of you.

You whimpered a little and he stopped to look at you. "Baby we don't have to I can stop if you want" he spoke but the pained look on his face showed he really didn't want to. You pulled yourself together and told him to keep going.

He kept thrusting whispering about how tight you were. The pain was going away pleasure was taking over. You moaned and he thrust faster. You paced your hips to rise and fall with him. He groaned and moved even faster hitting a spot that made black spot dance across your vision. "NIALL!" You screamed so loudly it made your throat hurt. He kept hitting that spot and you felt yourself tighten around him.

"Niall, I-I'm gonna cum!" You exclaimed with a raspy voice. "Me too babe" he said.

You felt him twitch and it was all over. You came together and fell into the soft bed. He pulled you into his chest and stroked your. "That was amazing" "Perfect' you both spoke at the same time before falling asleep.

The next morning you woke up and saw that beautiful blonde haired boy of yours and decided to make him breakfast. You walked down the stairs wobbling a bit.

Once you reached the bottom you saw Louis rolling around on the floor screaming 'Niall' and moaning mocking you. You gasped and blushed a deep red. You tried to run out but your legs were still sore from last nights activities and you fell.

Niall, whom you didn't even know was downstairs was by your side and split second and helped you up,

"Geez Niall, go easy on the girl next time ayye'? Liam spoke from his spot on the couch.

Nosy Perverts they are.



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