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"SO WHAT happened? Where did you disappear to?" Soo ah asked as the three took their seats, Bora got to sit behind Soojin.

"Well..." Bora paused. She was conflicted, these two girls were her best friends they went through thick and thin together.

"My dad brought me news so suddenly about moving me to a boarding school, it was so fast and quick I barely had time to process it." Bora chuckled playing with her charm bracelet.

"And the not calling?" Soojin asked, the emotion of pain in her eyes. Sure people saw Soojin as a cold hearted bitch but Bora knew, Bora could read Soojin like a book and that's why the two are so close.

Soojin trusted Bora and that made Bora sick to her stomach. How can someone lie to someone that trusts them, the guilt she got from her dad came crawling back.

Okay so maybe Bora hated lying to two people.

"Sorry." She mumbled looking down at her hands. Soojin placed her hands on top of Bora's and smiled "it's okay, just don't go disappearing on us again." Soojin chuckled.

A tear escaped from Bora's eye, she felt happy and sad at the same time. Happy because her best friends didn't hate her, happy because they missed her as much as she missed them.

Sad because she was lying right to their faces, sad because...Bora felt trapped. Suffocated. In a tight space.

Bora couldn't breathe because the lies and guilt were suffocating her.

And will continue suffocating her until she took her last breath.

From afar three were watching her, one out of envy, one out of pain, and another one out of hate.

Seojun hated how Bora showed up, he hated how she came backstepping in the classroom like nothing happened like she didn't leave them to leave him.

He hated how Soojin and Soo Ah quickly accepted the girl in their arms. Bora didn't deserve any of that, she was the cause of their friends' death.

But deep down Seojun had another emotion, an emotion he couldn't forget and ignore. This emotion made him want to get up and pull the short girl in his arms and never let go. Seojun hated this emotion.

He watched as she fidgets with her charm bracelet. "Charm bracelet?" He mumbled to himself, his eyes squinting to get a better look. Once he confirmed his theory he chuckled and leaned back in his seat. The audacity this girl has to wear that charm bracelet.

With the feeling of eyes on her, Bora turned her head and met eyes with a pair of brown ones. She smiled "Hi, I'm Bora." She introduced herself. "I'm Lim Jukyung." The pretty girl introduced herself.

"Lim Jukyung is our school's new angel, but now that Bora is back will she take the throne again?" Soo ah joked looking at the two girls.

"Gosh, you still talk a lot huh?" Bora rolled her eyes. "Yep, there is no off button." Soojin sighed as Soo-ah shrugged.

"Sorry for leaving you alone with that." Bora said looking at Soojin, Soojin gave her an okay with her fingers telling her it's alright.

As a teacher walked in class started and Bora got her books out.


Walking out of the bathroom Bora was occupied with fixing her skirt failed to notice the person waiting for her.

"Yah Min Bora." She froze. Bora knew this voice, of course, how can anyone forget this deep powerful voice that would make butterflies fly around in your stomach.

Bora's heart monitor started beeping. "It's funny you know?" The person continued. "Funny how you have to audacity to show up after killing your friend." He spoke with venom

Sure Bora was a strong girl that didn't care for what others thought, but words from someone she once loved and that once loved her, kinda hurts.

Bora's monitor sped up.

"It's rude to not look at me." He said. Bora took in a deep breath and turned around and as their eyes met the world felt weird. Seojun looked at her and smirked.

This feeling to bora wasn't a roller coaster feeling, no to Bora the feeling she gets when she was around Seojin was the feeling you get when there is a storm.

Bora loved storms, they were dangerous but beautiful and to her Seojin was a storm.

The worst storm ever.

"Well, that's not one way to treat someone when they come back." Now Bora wasn't a fan of being pushed around or told what to do. Bora was a small girl and people mistook that for her personality, small.

If you truly knew the girl she was anything but small.

Ignoring the pain in her chest Bora took a step forward with confidence and her head up high like a daughter of a true businessman. "I'll have you know Han Seojun, just because I'm back doesn't mean you can push me around, I didn't come back for you." She spoke then walked off bumping shoulders with him.

Seojun turned around about to say something snarky but didn't. "I didn't come back for you." Those words hurt him, truly. He placed his hand on his chest and rubbed it.

This girl still had the same effect on him, he hated that.

Once Bora turned the corner she latched onto the wall for support looking down her heart monitor was going crazy. Opening the small bag she took with her Bora grabbed her medication and watched the different pills cover her hand.

Quickly taking them and shoving the bottle back into her bag Bora got up and walked away.

If only she was aware of her surroundings like always, she would have noticed the eyes that watched her.


- sorry this is short, in class and bored 🦖

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