Darkness and It's Enevitability

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Hello non-existent fan-base! I'm here to spread lovely Kingdom Hearts fiction over everything, hopefully you guys like it! You might be wondering what happened to my other story? Well, I realized I was a crappy writer so I went and spent years perfecting my style. Along the way I found Kingdom Hearts fanficiton, which is what this is. Please enjoy, and remember, I don't actually own the characters I use.

Depression. The word always stuck with me. No matter where I was, it was there too, like a black cloud over my head, reminding me how utterly worthless I was. It had good reason too, and that was the truly bad part.

I knew I had to keep it a secret, tell no one how much I was actually in pain, and if I ever did, they'd fear me. Of course, there were only two people I could really tell, but they'd probably run terrified too.

Our homecoming to Destiny Islands was strange. In Sora's mom's eyes, we'd never left. We'd just been really distant for a while. Dana had accepted that "this was a phase", and that gradually, her son and his friends spent as much time around the house as they had before. My parents were gone like I was, on business so often they forgot to raise their son. Kairi was adopted by the mayor, who believed she'd gone to a boarding school she hated and begged to be pulled out of. It was odd too, how the three of us also seemed to have taken-and passed- the tests to graduate high school early. I suspect Yen Sid had something to do with it, but I was grateful none-the-less.

Now our days passed quietly, Sora and I teaching Kairi how to use her Keyblade and sparring ourselves out on the island where it all happened. We wouldn't talk about anything that had to do with our adventures outside of the island, and one of the very first things Sora and I did once we'd come back was lock the Keyhole to Destiny Islands forever.

Sora and Kairi seemed to be coping and dealing with everything just fine, relaxed and carefree as they could be, and while I was around them I felt the same, but any amount of time I spent on my own was plagued with dark thoughts. Staying around a Princess of Heart and Hero of Light helped keep my own Darkness at bay, but it still loomed, ready at any moment to take over, turning me into a creature of Darkness and Ansem's pawn once again.

I was truly happy for my friends, but I could never seem to rid myself of my dark thoughts. All were self-degrading and terrible.

What kind of monster was I that turned my back on my two best friends and tried to use one to lure the other to his demise? How could Sora and Kairi ever forgive me for leaving them in my pursuit of power? How had they? I hadn't even forgiven myself for everything. Not even close. Sure, Sora and I had worked together to defeat Xemnas, but he'd done most of it, and I hadn't even come close to paying him back for anything. I owed Sora my life a few thousand times over and deserved to be a slave groveling at his feet, but he was too nice. Sora will always be better than me, I know that now. That was the lesson with Roxas. I couldn't defeat him- I'd been loosing badly- when I took off my blindfold and embraced the dark. I'd made the decision that collecting the final piece of the puzzle that was my best friend and never seeing him again was better than loosing to Roxas and having him never wake up.

Of course, when Sora woke up I began tailing him, killing Nobodies that threatened to sneak up on him and keeping and eye on him. If he'd ever seen me before he had, he would've tried to rid the world of me, chasing the Riku that was trapped in the Realm of Darkness with King Mickey. As far as he knew then, the Riku that had fought the Darkness only to be trapped in it was still alive, not turned into a creature of Twilight, unable to throw off the Darkness in him, saved only by the Light of his friends.

"Riku!" Kairi's voice called, causing me to snap out of my thoughts. A smile spread on my face. It was good to have my friends, even if I didn't understand why they still were my friends.

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