The Secret

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"You guys are unlucky. No one gets the molder. That's what they call that cell," said a mysterious voice. "Who are you?" Kyle asked. "I don't have a name. They just call me Secret," the prisoner said. "Why do they call you that?" I asked. "Well, I know more about this kingdom than anyone else in it. Except for the welder. I was his apprentice, but I got arrested for life when I started crafting a new form of weapon. I called them Infinities," said Secret. "Deep," I said. "Hey, if you know all about this kingdom, then how do you escape from here?" Kyle asked. "Ok, you know how the 2nd bar to the left is loose? Grab it and take it out of the door," Secret said. "But we can't fit through that," I said. Secret seemed annoyed, "I was getting to that. Ok, use the bar to get the keys on the hook over there." I got the keys and we ran out of the cell. "Wait," I said, "why don't you escape?" "If I get out, I'd be put to death," he said. "Oh," I replied, "Thanks for the help!" Then we ran out. (Sry this chapter was short but if I kept writing it just wouldn't make sense)

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