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          « Je suis vraiment désolée, Madame Bustier! » are the very first words I utter when shuffling hurriedly into the classroom. My chest rises and falls irregularly, among quick and short puffs of air leaving my lips. Sweeping the sweat accumulating on my brows with the back of my hand, I throw my frowning teacher an apprehensive grin.

She sighs as she shook her head, her one strand of orange hair swaying while doing so, « Well then, what would be your excuse for arriving late, Juliette. »

« Um— I either forgot to set my alarm last night or didn't hear it ring this morning and ended up waking up late, » and discreetly, my attention fell on a particular bright green-eyed student, who beamed quietly once our eyes met. The mere sight of it brings back the pleasant memory of our previous night together.

After his nightly patrol, Adrien decided to drop by for what should have been a two-minute greeting that unintentionally became a sleepover, minus the actual sleeping over, of course. We, including his miraculous Plagg, stayed up for hours and hours talking about everything and anything. My reddened cheeks even hurt from all the shared smiles and hushed giggles while our fingers were interlace with each other. On the same night, we spoke more regarding our mutual feelings and what truly sparked them, ultimately deepening our affection for one another. I cherished every second of it, and I know -without a doubt- Adrien did so too.

« Nino called in sick, so sit beside Adrien for today, Juliette. »

I promptly heed the teacher's instruction as Adrien excitedly shuffles to make sufficient space for me. We share an eager smile at today's seat arrangement before I quietly place the necessary books for this period's lesson. While doing so, my breath hitches when suddenly feeling a hot breath fanning across my ears.

« Plagg wanted to apologize because apparently, he was playing with your phone's alarms last night, » he says before leaning away to observe my face better.

I snort at the unexpected revelation as I glance towards the school bag by Adrien's feet, where two large glowing eyes peek from the open edges of the zipper, « that's fine. It's a good thing I'm not normally late. »

Seemingly satisfied with my answer, Plagg rapidly shuffles deeper inside his owner's bag, which I am assuming is where all his mouthwatering Camembert cheese waits.

Aside from this morning's small delay, today is a surprisingly rare ordinary day, much to my disbelief— as in no akuma attacks nor any other issues occurring so far. The remainder of the day was utterly phenomenal -with no disturbance from our classmates- Adrien and I were in our own world talking our ears off. However, I soon realized I spoke too soon.

Coming down the stairs of Collège Françoise Dupont, our fingers are tightly intertwined as we decide on which newly released movie to watch for tonight's hangout.

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