The Pain

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After an hour or two, the hassle and noise just increased with everybody being frantic as the arrival of the Alpha and the Luna got closer. The werewolves that live in the pack-house are now slowly coming down to the cafeteria to eat. I made sure to avoid everybody as I made my way to the grand kitchen since I needed to collect the dishes from there.

"Here!" said one of the omega workers as she handed the pile of dirty dishes while smiling at me. She must be a new member of the pack seeing as I don't recognize her and the fact that she smiled at me in a genuine way. I gave her a small smile back as I bowed my head and fastly made my way back to my dishwashing room.

"Where have you been?" The chef yelled as soon as I stepped into the cafeteria. I am sure he could see where I have been by looking at the pile of dirty dishes in the bin that I am carrying. 

"I was collecting the dirty dishes from the grand kitchen," I said as I lifted the bin higher for him to see.

"Well, the dishes that are piling up in here are not going to wash themselves, are they?" He said as he pointed at a stack of dishes that are waiting for me.

"I am sorry, I will get to it right away." I said as I charged towards the dish room. After collecting all the dirty dishes I stacked them up, sprayed them down, and put them in the dishwasher one by one, and stacked them back with the clean dishes after they are cleaned.

The chef is usually in the Grand kitchen and only comes here to check if everything is to his liking. But on days like today, it is the opposite. I wish he was not here at list James doesn't shout at me.

I felt the Alpha and Luna's arrival a few minutes before all of a sudden all of the noise that came from everyone's frantic action, hurried footsteps, the cutting board, the machines, and people talking and laughing in the cafeteria died down. I can now only hear the loud noise of the washing machine operating.

I bowed my head for the Alpha and Luna even though they can't see me since it is a tradition and I know everyone else also has their head bowed. I was really excited to hear what they have to say but I was already ready for the day to end since my leg started to ache too.

I would give up a hand if I was given the chance to go back to my cabin and go to sleep. My body is just not holding up today. I feel pain from my head to toe. I have been sick like this before but as I got older I thought I will get accustomed to the pain, but the pain just got worse. I don't know if I am failing my body or if my body is failing me.

After the Alpha and Luna were done with their breakfast they called for everyone's attention. I kept my ears open wide and tried my best to cancel out all the other voices and noises that don't belong to the Alpha. 

"I have two announcements to make today. One is that we are pregnant." announced the Alpha with a voice that let me know that he is smiling and is also proud. I heard everyone's loud clapping and hooting that made me hold my ear in pain since I was not prepared for it. I wiped my ear which had blood coming out of it while smiling from ear to ear. I was happy for the Alpha and Luna. Especially Luna Clara since she is nice.

I couldn't hear the other announcement as I couldn't concentrate thanks to the pain and the blood that kept on coming out of my ear. The noise died as a lot of people made their way out of the cafeteria following after the Alpha and Luna.

The rest of the day continued on without much of anything happening but the pain I was feeling was intensifying. For once I was happy nobody wants to talk to me because it felt like I was just ready to snap at someone, anyone.

I also made sure to say my thanks to the moon goddess for not letting anyone mistreat me today after what happened with Chad and chef. I know that I would have more than likely went for their throat and that I will end up dead in the process.

The only thing that is keeping me going is that I can go to bed at 10 pm today since I did the training room cleaning yesterday. It sucks to work this many hours without a break and pay but I can only accept what they give me.

"Yep, what matters is that I am alive." I convince myself. As long as I keep on breathing I can slowly find a way out of here without putting myself in any type of danger.

I made sure that not even a speck of dust would be found after I finished mopping both the common and grand kitchen. I only have the cafeteria left and it was making me much happier than I should be considering the fact that it is something I have been doing for a year now. But every day the best part of the day for me is when my body is finally able to rest on my bed.

I made my way to the cafeteria after filling my bucket with soap and water. I was not even ten minutes into mopping the cafeteria floors when I heard footsteps making their way towards the cafeteria.

"Now what?" I said the sudden frustration I felt making me dizzy. I was both mentally and physically not prepared to hear whatever the person has to say.

The door finally opened up and in came one of the guards. He just stood by the door and looked at me until I was forced to turn and acknowledge him.

"I am sorry sir, I did not hear you come in." I said in a dry voice as I bowed my head.

"You don't have to make it too obvious that you are a weak wolf. But shouldn't you at least have a better hearing than a human?" he said with disgust.

"It is because I was distracted." I answered making sure my bow got deeper. I started to feel anger bubbling up as I heard him laugh at my apology. "Breath," I instructed myself, there is nothing good that comes out of being angry.

"Anyways it is not like it matters." he said dismissively in between his annoying laugh.

"Then why ask?" I wanted to shout but kept my mouth shut and patiently waited for him to say whatever he came to say.

" Alpha has given orders that you start cleaning the storage rooms, the weapon rooms, and the pack prison." he said with a smug smile on his face. I wanted nothing more than to slap that smug face of his.

"He said to start cleaning tomorrow morning and to start from the weapons room. He wants you to finish everything by Wednesday." He said and left without waiting for my answer.

"Finish cleaning all those places in six-days without any help that is basically telling me to die from overwork." I mumbled to myself.

"Will they even remember to give me food?" I said as I slowly rubbed my stomach the leftover food that I ate at lunch thanks to the mini celebration the pack had for their future Alpha, now completely digested.

I quickly finished mopping and left the pack-house at 9:50 pm. Since I am not allowed to stay in there after 10 pm. Tear filled my eyes as I saw my small cabin from distance. The relief and happiness that filled me as I got closer was immense.

As relief flooded me I started to feel the pain that I have been keeping inside start to flow out, making me feel like every fiber in my body was on fire. My eyes started to become blurry and my legs shaky making it difficult to walk straight. It was hard but I finally made it home, tears finally flowing down my cheek as I stepped inside my small cabin. My strength got drained and I dropped to the floor finally losing consciousness.

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