25 ~ I wish I could be someone else

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Title Credit: Something's Gotta Give - All Time Low


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Alex’s POV:

September 3rd


“When’s the wedding, again?” I asked Rian.

“Sometime in January.” He smiled. Anytime you brought up something about the wedding he smiled. It was a contagious sort of smile.

“How’s the planning going?”

“Well, I’m not good at picking out all this stuff, it’s a big day for Cass so I’m letting her plan most of it.”

“‘Letting her’.” Zack laughed.

It was tense for a minute or two, the Ravens game on the tv. Last week we had our first big fight. We don’t fight, we’re not like that. It’s got us all on edge.

“Where’s Jack?” Rian tries to break the silence.

“The Bar.” I sigh.

Zack grits his teeth. He told Jack he’s got to stop drinking so much. Jack yelled back. The fight didn’t resolve anything.

“Uh, Alex, how are the songs coming?”

I avert my eyes. “I can’t write.”


“Yeah, still, I still can’t write shit.”

“You didn’t have to get so defensive I-”

“You didn’t have to bring it up! I’ll tell you when I get writing!”

“Dude, stop cutting me off all the time!”

Here comes another fight.


Normal POV


“Hey, you,” Dylan smiled, lacing his arms around my waist.

“Are you drunk already?” I laughed, moving his arms off of me and sitting down with the other guys.

“No, just happy to see you.” He sat down next to me.

“So what’s going on? What’s new?” Johnny asked. It was just them drinking around a table for now, HU just back off of their tour that went into europe.

“Just been writing. We’re finally going on tour again, with Beartooth and Pierce The Veil. You guys have one with Avenged in January, right?"

"Yeah, we're trying to find someone to support us."

"You guys should do it!" Matt, or Kurlzz, said. "Avenged would love to have you guys."

"Holy shit, could we?"

"Fuck yeah!"

"You and the rest of the guys in your band should come to a party at Dylans'." Charlie suggested.

“I’ll call them.”


“Maddie, I want you to meet Adam, Kevin, and Jesse. They’re good friends of ours.” Dylan pointed out each guy on the couch. It was smokey; they were passing around a blunt.

“Heyyyyy.” Kevin rubbed his eyes. “Join us dude. Pardon me, dudette.”

I smiled and sat down. Dylan went to get drinks.

“Here, take a hit.” Adam handed me the blunt- I almost chuckle at the term. Not sure why.

I doubt myself; I don’t really want to, but I don’t want to refuse it. They’re Dylans friends, I wanna make a good impression. And how bad could it be? I did it a few times in Highschool.

I hand it back coughing. “Sorry,” I choke on air. “Haven’t done that for awhile.”

‘It’s alright, everyone coughs who’s new at it.”

“Dude, not Andrew.” Jesse speaks up. He’s previously been staring at a wall with a strange look on his face. “Apparently his first hit was massive and he barely blinked.”

“Who’s Andrew?” I ask.

Kevin points outside. I spot a guy my age with short black hair and mostly black clothes smoking a cigarette. “That’s Andrew. He deals the serious shit. Dylan and him are good friends. Don’t ever call him Andy though, it’s his dad’s name. Not on the best terms.”

“Talking about Andrew?” Dylan sits down with two Carona’s, giving one to me. “He’s a cool dude. Gives discounts to his friends.” He sips his drink. I don’t really notice his arm is rested behind me.

“Why do you know that, you buy off him lots?” I joke.

He shrugs. “Once in awhile.”


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Alex’s POV:


“Get the FUCK out of my house Barakat!” I yell, pushing him out the door. It’s around midnight, the neighbors are probably ready to kill us. “Don’t come back until you’re sober!”

“F-Fuck you!” He slurs.

“I’ll fucking drive him.” Zack grits his teeth. “Don’t wanna be here anyways.”

“Get off me! Let me walk! I can drive!” Jack insist as Zack puts his thin body over his shoulder. “Fuck you! Fuck all of you! I don’t wanna be in the band anymore!”

Zack stops. Then I do.

Zack sets him down. “You don’t mean that. You’re shitfaced.”

“Yes I mean it! I don’t wanna be anywhere n-near you assh-holes.”

“You know what, I don’t wanna do this anymore. He’s lost all his sense drinking but he’s fucking right. I can’t be in the band anymore.”

Zack looks from Jack to me and back. “I… I-I agree. It looks like…” He loses a bit of his anger. “We’re done.”

Jack folds his arms and spits on the ground at us, walking off, luckily not towards his car. Me and Zack stood in silence.

“I’ll call Rian.” I say. “Manager in the morning.”

He nods and pauses before going to his car. I just sit on the porch for awhile.


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