Part 7: First Week Down

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Author's Note:

I added Brittany's POV near the middle of the chapter. I was thinking 'why not' since I didn't show one of her hang out sessions with Preston at the dorms.

This chapter is SO LONG that I'm actually going to take a break until mid Feburary. My lord, I really need to start speeding the story up.

Annabeth's POV

October 4th - Thursday, Lunchtime 10:25am

"Preston farted out loud okay!?" Katherine finally cracked, I threw my head back, laughing in ecsatsy. Britt is cackling like a witch.

"K-Katherine what the fuck!?" Preston's voice pierces my eardrums, he is blushing too. But I'm too busy laughing my head off to even care. "I told you not to tell anyone!"

"They were begging me to tell them because of how my face looked like!" She raises her voice back, then covers her face with her hands. "I can't believe we even framed Dylan for that..."

"Y-You what!?" I barely manage to get it out before laughing hysterically.

Brittany spits out her drink like a freaking spray bottle, now turning from a witch into a tea kettle.

"O-Oh my... first of all, y-your face was priceless-" Britt is literally trying to hold the inner hyena in. "Second of all, did it smell like shit?"

Katherine groans underneath her hands, nodding. By this point, both Brittany and I are wheezing. Preston is looking embarassed out of his mind.

"It's not my fault though, Kath here poked me." He says, with a wicked grin on his face. "Props to the 'enabler' if that's how you call her in a gamer sense."

"YOU are a piece of work!" Katherine practically screeches, throwing her napkin straight into his face. "I'm done with you- I'm not sitting next to you anymore!"

How can a person with a quiet voice, surpass a Karen for the best screams? If Katherine's combat capablities are as strong as her screeching, she is going to be a monster truck if someone even challenges her to a duel.

"Okay let's stop with the fart stories, I wanna know some drama." I pout. Preston chuckles, then points to Katherine. "Soooo..?" I ask.

"What 'soooo!?'" He gives me a fake offended look, puts a hand on his heart as if I just broke it in half. "Katherine is the rumored 'Miss Info' of the school, she knows everything inside out."

Britt and I probably lost our jaws somewhere on the floor after he said that.

"Perfect, then tell me, Miss Info, what's the story behind the ranks at this school?" I ask with a big smile. She might tell me exactly who 'rules' this school, Katherine should know everything after all.

"Annabeth, we need to make sure nobody is listening in, Preston should keep watch, since he already knows all this stuff." Katherine says, sitting down in the shade under the tree. Brittany and I sit with her, doing a full triangular formation.

Oh lord how will I get up in this skirt? I better start wearing those darn jeans soon if I'm going to be doing this.

Story time from Katherine's POV!

Basically, you want to know how ranks came to be? Well, schools actually added in ranks. So the honor students, students that have high grades, the student council, everyone who was on higher stages was treated differently.

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