Chapter 9

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I ended up falling asleep on the couch that night. I didn't even asked my brother for any blankets or support. I ended up passing out in the cold on that couch. I was just sitting there staring at the ceiling. I then got reminded of his stupid face. The douche. Even though he was a total crap head, I couldn't help but actually smile thinking about it. Heart ache. I have actually been having those for a while now.

These heart aches are only because I feel lonely and need comfort other then my brother. Besides that my brother and my best friend are going to get together. Meaning they're going to get married soon. I am actually quite excited, even though I may not look like it. I am actually very happy for my bro. He was done well over the years. Not only that, I would have never expected him and Liz to get married.

My bro wants to move out since he can afford a house and move together in a house with Liz, but he is worried about me. Like I can't take care of my bloody self. Just leave for crying out loud! Why do I need you to hang from my shoulder and tell me what to do. Besides that I am a grown woman and can take care of myself. Why do I need you to hover over me like I am a little 5-year-old holding a pair of scissors. Even though you know they won't hurt me.

Besides that, if I couldn't, I know some people that will help me out. Not only that, I have people that can get me a job. Before that, I wonder when that little interview crap is going to be. He has actually accepted me to be his secretary. Besides that, what the heck am I suppose to do? File papers? Eat them. That sounds like a welcoming.

Instead of filling out the work, getting it down, you turn it into a smoothie and suck it up and it magically processes through to his dang computer and then, ta-da! You have all the work you need. Then I can go to subway. Eat fresh. I can't handle that McDonalds crap. It tastes good and all, but I can't take one bite out of it without actually throwing up or gagging. The fries are good though.

Anyways that is not the point. I have to see what my schedule is to get there, yada, yada. I also have to get some clothes that will be suitable. Maybe just a sweater, a skirt, and also some heels. Not too high though. I feel like I would kill myself. If I had to wear those heels, I'd feel like I would snap my neck and tumble onto the people around me.

I breathed out a heavy sigh. I jumped off of the couch and brought out my phone. 15%. I'm not going to use it anyways. I'm just going to text Coy and see what time, how many days, when can I leave. That bullcrap. I went to my contacts and found him and just decided to text him for safe measures, like he was in a meeting or something.

I started to text him. Hey! What time do I go to work? I waited for a while until he texted back. Monday-Thursday. 8a.m-6p.m. I smiled and texted back to him. Thanks! I went up and went to my room to see if I have any clothes. I went through my closet and actaully found three sweaters and skirts that go to my knees. I was happy I didn't get rid of these. I collected them and placed them into my closet on hangers instead of having them into the suitcase in which I would have thrown away. And if I don't use the sweaters I can always use a t-shirt. It won't matter.

I finished hanging up all the clothing and decided to actually check the news, just to see how the world was doing. Meh, normal. I went back to thinking about myself working with Coy. I wonder what he does all the time. If I can, I can always rat him out if one little thing appears into mind. Not only that, I can even believe of just continuing on.

Besides that, I need the money. Not only that, this could be good on my record for later jobs. As in, I was in a very good company, I have a degree, I would like to join you. That type of thing. If I like it though I mind as well stay with it. That's only if I like it. Or a big turn of events. Not only that, he does give some good money and also some very good skill points I mind as well learn.

I decided to tell my bro the good news and he was happy. Not only that the wedding would be in a very short time and he wanted Coy to come along with. I think my bro might have taking a liking to Coy. At least not too much to make him his best man. His best man was our childhood friend. He was cool and all, but it looks like a demon. Literally. I'm not mean to him though, but I feel like his looks and personality don't match at all.

He's those guys that look like a demon from afar. Wearing all black, wear makeup, have piercing, super pale. Trust me, once you start talking to him, he would screech like a fangirl at you. He will non-stop talk about his modeling career and about the other models and celebrities he meets up with. I don't even know how he became from a sunshine to a demon with a personality of a teenage girl.

He's cool though. The only time he turns into demon is when he is playing a video game and he's on a winning streak. That is the only time you'll ever see him giving you the death stare with a shadow around him. I don't even know if he is human or was corrupted by a spirit, demon, thing. Meh. Not only does he look like a demon with a teenager's personality, he actually cares about the earth. From what I heard from his older brother he is guy. By the way, his older bro is not even blood related to him and it makes me wonder how he even knows that kind of information.

My brother also knew that information. I was the only one who didn't know what the heck he was. Not only that, he has also been a stalker before and would actually stalk on people who got bullied a lot. He is very anti-bully apparently. He also knows martial arts, karate, and kungfu. His older bro knows sword fighting, martial arts, boxing and archery. They surprise me those brothers. Not only that, our childhood friend is so skinny while his brother is buff as heck. It surprises me way too much.

I got a headache from talking to myself too much. I decided to call it a night. I also had my first day of work at his office. I decided to call it a night, shut off my lights and headed to bed without changing my clothes.

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