He Admits To The Boys He Likes You On Tour ~

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So I remember reading in an interview, the boys said that they know if one of them likes a girl if he talks about her alot when they're on the road. So I drew inspiration from that :)

Also; comment or inbox me some ideas for prefrences you'd like to see?




'Huh?' he looks up from his phone, distracted.

'It's your turn'


'Harry, focus. We're playing poker. Do you call or raise?' Louis asks, annoyed.

'Um, whatever. Actually I fold' Harry says looking back at his phone.

'HARRY!' Louis screams throwing his bag at him.


'Will you stop looking at your phone and pay attention? You can tweet later'

'I'm not tweeting..I'm' Harry stops, his cheeks becoming red.

'What?' Niall asks

'Texting Y/N'


'Shut up. Am not' Harry scowls.

'Oh mate, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were texting, Y/N. Carry on' Louis winks.

Harry blushes harder.

'God this is so unlike you' Louis laughs.

'Harry is in lu-uve' Zayn and Liam continue as Harry smiles and looks back at his phone.


'Oh god. I'm so hungry' Niall complains, frowning.

'Oh no, Nialls cranky. Let's stop somewhere?' Zayn suggests ruffling Nialls hair.

'Where do you wanna go Niall?'

'I don't care' He replies still frowning.

'There's a McDonalds and KFC coming up, I guess McDonalds yeah, Niall?' Harry asks.

Nialls eyes light up.

'Um, KFC is cool, actually'

All the boys stare at him, confused.

'Niall, everyone knows you like McD better. You okay?' Liam asks genuinely worried.

'Yeah, I mean I went to KFC with Y/N that day and y'know it's her favorite and stuff and I liked the food, so yeah let's go to KFC' Niall shrugs matter-of-factly.

'Alright lover boy' Zayn grins nudging Niall.

'I'm not in love! I can like KFC!' Niall screams.

'Sure you can. Just admit it, you like her Nialler' Louis says pulling Nialls cheeks, which become a shade redder than they already are.


'Liam, you've been smiling at your phone for the past 10 minutes. You look like an idiot' Zayn points out, loudly.

'Sorry lads. Just online; there's some funny stuff on the internet is all' Liam says maintaining a stoic expression.

'Funny huh? I wanna see!' Niall jumps grabbing Liams phone.

'This isn't funny, this is facebook' Niall states.

Harry grabs the phone from Niall and exclaims 'Not only is it Facebook, it's Y/N's homepage!'

'Ooohh, show me' the rest of the boys rush to see.

'Cut it out boys, I was just watching a video she put up' Liam says staring at the ground.

'The video is just 2 minutes long. Oh my god! You watched it 5 times, you love-struck boy!' Louis squeals.

'Mathematical Genius. Just give it back!' Liam says sarcastically but blushes while snatching the phone back and watching the video over again.


'Oh god, guess what Y/N did! Yesterday she went to the..What?' Zayns excited eyes lose their shine and he trails off as the guys stare at him with amused expressions.

'Nothing. So what DID Y/N do Zayn?' Liam askes laughing.

'Alright, what is it? Out with it boys.' Zayn demands.

'I don't know if you realised but you've spoken about her more than 15 times in 48 hours and you know what that means Zayn' Louis smiles knowingly.

'What? No! That's ridiculous! I don't like her!' Zayn says, not believing a word coming out of his mouth.

'Really? Then maybe you won't mind if I.. read your messages!' Harry says sneakily snatching his phone.


'Say you like her' The boys say.

'I don't!'

'Hey love, missing you too and...'

'Okay okay' Zayn cuts him off.

'I like her' he admits, dropping his facade, smiling like a moron.

'Whooo!' The guys scream hugging a Zayn who's secretly relieved the guys know.


'Hahaha, Y/N that's so ridiculous. Are you serious? It's just been crazy here. Yeah, it's pretty late here but it's alright. No no, uh huh so..' Louis says to you on the phone "whispering" pretty loudly.

'Louis man, it's 2 am, put the phone away yeah?' A sleepy Harry mumbles bothered by the sound.

'Just put on some headphones or something, no one else can hear me' Louis tells Harry.

'We can' Liam and Niall mumble together.

'Oh man. Hey Y/N I'm sorry I need to go. Yeah. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Goodnight. I love you' Louis ends the conversation smiling, unaware the other guys heard him.

'I LOVE YOU?!' Harry screams, wide awake now.

'Like a mate would say to another' Louis explains, lying through his teeth.

'Mates my ASS!' Niall says.

'I swear!'

'Really?' Liam asks seriously.

Louis stares at the 3 excited boys and not wanting to lie to them he admits

'Alright, I like her'.

'CONGRATULATIONS!' The boys scream hugging him.

'WILL YOU GUYS SHUT THE HELL UP? Oh by the way congratulations' Zayn says turning around and going back to sleep.

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