Artair gave him a look which spoke volumes, “Kendrick, whilst I wish that I had caused the pain he is in right now, I did not cause this.” The flat look they shared gave him more than he could have said in that moment. “According to him, he and his men were ambushed by some English which had somehow managed to find out about the meeting. When we appeared Robert’s two men were dead, and Robert had been left like this as a warning.” Artair moved closer to where Robert lay. “But apart from the fact we should be keeping our distance from Rohesia, he has not told us much of use.”

“Well, if we have nothing from him of use, throw him into the street and let the men he has left take care of him. Why are we wasting our resources on him?” Kendrick kept his gaze on Artair, as Artair did the same. All a ploy to make the other male talk. And it was all working, the male sweating for more reasons than just the pain he was in.

“Can you not wait until my injuries have been dealt with before dealing with the issue of some mad Englishmen murdering…” he trailed off as the import of his own words seemed to actually hit him. “Alright, if you do not mind me being in agony…” he waited, and in that space neither Artair nor Kendrick spoke. “Then what do you wish to know?” As he pulled himself up a little, his face a grimace of agony, Kendrick took a few more strides into the room. Artair leaning in to give him a quiet retelling of his side of events. His mind categorising the story in a way he knew he could keep is separate to Robert’s version, until he needed to find the truth between them. There is always three sides to a story, both points of view, and then the truth in between. Or that was what his father had always drilled into him since he was old enough to understand.

Another maid was fussing over Robert and trying to ease his pain with a bottle of whiskey nearby, one that Kendrick noted as being of the cheapest he allowed in his abode, and allowed for a little to be used if it gained the information required to keep Artair’s woman safe. When Robert had enjoyed been waited on a little too much, even with the pain he was in, Kendrick stepped forward into his line of sight.

“I think you are enjoying my hospitality a little too much. You want to carry on, you give us some information.” Leaning over the back of a chair, he looked down at Robert as he laid on the floor, a number of blankets covering the ground beneath him to soften the hardness.

Robert grimaced as he looked at his leg and gritted his teeth as he had to move it into a more comfortable position. It was obvious that he wanted to let out some virulent, heated words, and from the fact he kept them in, even with the condition he was in, had Kendrick feeling a modicum of respect for the male. Not much by any standard. But he had to give the male his dues. For the angle his leg currently sat at was in no way natural.

Just as he looked up, the grim expression telling he was ready to speak, the maid that had nearly barrelled him over out in the hallway no bustled back in. Followed by a tall thin male, “Healer tis here. Now this leg needs seein’ too. Sorry misters but you gunna have to be leavin’ for tis bit.” Somehow, in a daze Kendrick and Artair found themselves out in the corridor, the door slammed in their face. Sharing a confused dazed look in a moment of silence. Before Artair finally snorted a laugh and moved to lean on the wall opposite the wall in preparation to wait.

“Is this not now our house?” Kendrick could not stop the shock from creeping into his voice. Artair snorted a laugh once more.

“Aye, but think of it this way. The sooner his leg is set, the sooner we can finally get some sense out of him. He complained the entire time over here, and whined like a girl when we finally placed him down in there. It was only you who seemed to finally shut him up.”

The high pitched cry of absolute agony had them both spinning towards the door. The sound was chilling in its clarity. No matter what they thought of the male on the other side of the door, he was in utter agony, and while he may deserve some of that, the men who had lost their lives had not. They were following orders for their laird and that meant they had been dragged into this was utterly regrettable.

The healer finally stepped out through the doorway, giving them a small nod and explain that Robert should not be moved for at least this day. Much to the consternation of both Kendrick and Artair. Neither wanted to be in his company more than they needed to be. When the maid bustled out once more to show the healer out, they re-entered the room they had been unceremoniously kicked out of earlier.

Taking seats on the plush furnishings whilst looking down at a panting, sweat soaked Robert, the vulnerable position he was in was not beyond their comprehension. Both leaning forward at the same time, letting their elbows lean upon their knees. “Now, what do you have to tell us?”

And a miserable Robert, pain lacing his voice, gave them the whole sordid tale.

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