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Chapter Twenty| Leona

My office door swings open and I roll my eyes when I see it's Dario.

"Never heard of knocking?" I question, putting my pen down and closing my notepad.

"You're my girlfriend, why would I need to knock?" He scoffs, walking over, placing his phone on the desk before tapping the arm of my chair.

I roll my eyes yet again and stand up so he can sit down. He then pats his thigh and I take a seat on his lap.

"I've missed you." He mumbles against my neck.

"Dario, we had lunch forty five minutes ago you idiot." I laugh and he shrugs, nipping at my neck.

"Don't care." He mumbles.

"You're such a big baby." I whisper, playing with his hair and he gives me a big smile. "I can see a couple more grey hairs." I grin in excitement and I feel him tense.

"The fuck?!" He grabs the mirror on my desk and begins to run his fingers through his brown curly hair.

"It was only a couple strands." I lightly laugh.

"I don't fucking care, princess. Fuck me, grey hairs!" He exclaims and I smile gently.

"It's hot." I reason with him and this time he rolls his eyes. "Really hot." I whisper, kissing his forehead.

"Date night at mine tonight?" He changes the subject and I sigh looking at all of my paper work.

"I can't." I tell him and watch as he furrows his eyebrows.

"What do you mean you can't?" He says in disgust and I tilt my head at him.

"I've got a lot of work that needs finishing off by tomorrow morning." I say.

"Well give it to Ben." I shake my head.

"I gave him time off." I say and I watch as he clenches his jaw.

"That boy practically takes time off when he is working." He says, tightening his arms around my waist. "I want to spend time with my girl." He whines like a child and begins to tickle my hips.

"Rio, stop!" I giggle, throwing my head back.

He pauses and I open my eyes to look at him.

"I like that nickname." He smirks.

"Rio." I repeat and he winks. 

He opens his mouth to speak but closes it again. I bite my lip.

He's been doing this for the past week, it's like he goes to say something but then chooses not to.

"Are you okay?" I question him, stroking his cheek.

"I'm fine, baby." He kisses my palm and then stands up making me wrap my legs around his waist.

He sits me on my desk and just stares down at me in admiration.

"I should probably leave you to do your work." He whispers against my lips and I pout my lips but nod my head anyway. I have got a lot to do and I'm not going to let Dario keep me behind, no matter how much I adore him. "Don't overwork yourself." He kisses my forehead and then steps back.

"Talk to you later." I tell him and walk him to the door. I open it and he steps out, walking backwards with a smirk on his face.

"Don't miss me too much, princess." He says arrogantly and I scoff.

"Don't trip." I smirk and he furrows his eyebrows before tripping over a bin. He catches himself just in time and clenches his jaw.

I laugh, shaking my head. Dario adjusts his suit jacket.

"Bye." He gives a quick wave before storming out.

Aw he's embarrassed.


I yawn and sit back in my chair.

I've been non-stop working for four hours and now it's dark outside.

I check the time and see that it is now nine.

One more hour and I'll go home.

A buzzing noise grabs my attention and my eyes widen as I spot Dario's phone on my desk.

Oh shit, I wonder if he's still here.

I pick it up and walk out of my office. It's very quiet because everyone has gone home, I sigh and press the button to the lift.

It takes a while to come but as soon as it does I step in and press the number thirteen.

It doesn't take long to make it to Dario's floor. I watch the bitchy receptionist from last time glare at me but I don't bother to acknowledge her and make my way straight to Dario's office, the sound of my heels echoing through the empty office.

I go to open his office door without knocking, considering that's what he does to me, but I pause when I hear yelling on the other side.

"I've fucking told you Christian to leave her out of this!" I hear Dario yell and I furrow my eyebrows.


That name sound familiar.

It takes me a minute but then I remember how he walked through my office one time, looking for Dario. I took him to his office to make Dario jealous.

What the hell are they talking about?

I knock and open the door slowly to see Dario and Christian glaring at each other.

Dario's eyes then land on me and I give a sheepish smile as I slowly close the door behind me.

Christian turns around and gives me an unsettling smirk.

"Wow, if it isn't the gorgeous woman I met on the twelfth floor." He says, walking over to me.

He grabs my hand and kisses the back of it. I gulp and take a step back.

"Don't fucking touch her!" Dario shouts, shoving Christian away from me.

I've definitely come at the wrong time.

Christian raises his eyebrows at Dario and then looks at me. It's almost as if he's trying to put two and two together and then he comes to the realisation of what's happening between Dario and I.

I don't know this man and from what I'm getting in this situation he's not a nice one.

He smirks.

"What? A man can't be a gentleman, Dario? It's not like she's yours, a kiss to the hand is harmless, right?" He steps up to Dario.

He has to look up at Dario's six foot six frame and I look away as I feel the tension begin to rise in the room.

"Get the fuck out and don't come back." Dario grits his teeth, walking over to open the door.

Christian looks between the two of us, an evil glint in his eye and then I watch as he hands me a piece of paper.

I look at Dario and watch as his face pales.

I turn the paper over and I'm shocked and hurt at what I see.

My eyes begin to water.

Okayy.... see ya next time 👋🏾❤️

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