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-ONE THING Bora hated was lying. She hated lying to her dad, it made her feel guilty and like a bad daughter. She can lie to anyone in the entire world...but him.

Was Bora really gonna tell someone about her new "condition"? Fuck no! I mean sure it would be smart so someone is looking after her but that's another thing Bora hated, having someone looking after her. She's an independent woman that is highly capable of looking after herself.

And besides, if she tells someone why she is the way she is they will want to know how. And once someone knows a tiny bit they would want to know more and more.

So Bora did what she hated, she lied and told her dad she told a trusted friend and they promised to help look after her. Oh, the proud smile on the old man's face almost made her sick, she despised how proud he looked at her.

So now here she is, looking at her outfit in the mirror. She styled it with a black blouse under the gray-colored vest with a cute white bow.

Her bangs styled perfectly on her head as her hair had loose curls, Bora smiled at her reflection feeling as beautiful as ever.

Walking over to her desk she grabbed a small bag that had all her medication in it that she will need to take throughout the day. She looked down at the heart monitor on her wrist.

"We got this Bora, just keep the heart rate down and there shall be no problem."

Well, that's easier said than done. 

"We are here Miss." the driver said as the building of Saebom High came into view. Bora felt her heart speeding up and looked down at her monitor. She took three deep breaths.

"Nervous?" Mr. Lee asked. Bora looked up at him and smiled. "Very, I feel like my heart is going to explode." She joked causing him to chuckle.

"Well, you got this Bora, keep your head up high and be yourself. If anything goes wrong give me a call and I'll pick you up." Mr. Lee smiled at the poor girl.

His words made a boost of confidence hit her "Thank you." She smiled. Taking another deep breath Bora opened the car door and stepped out.

The feeling of her foot touching the concrete made her feel that one feeling again, like a rollercoaster. Now that she stepped out of the car there is no going back.

Bora fully stepped out the car and shut the door behind her with Mr. Lee's words repeating in her head. "Keep your head up and be yourself."

And that's what Bora did as she walked on the path to the school building, she kept her head up high.

Noticing the girls presence students quickly stepped out her way creating a path for her as they whispered.

"Is that Bora?"

"She's back?"

"Our school goddess Bora?"

"Why did she leave in the first place?"

"Does Suho know?"

"The real question is, does Seojun know?"

"God she got even more beautiful, how is that even more possible."


Ahh Hyun Kyu made his way down the school's hallway with a mission a purpose his legs moving faster with each step and soon he was running.

Hyun Kyu ran into his homeroom colliding with a desk "she's back!" He yelled holding onto the desk for balance.

Everyone in the classroom stared at him in confusion. "Who's back?" Soo Ah asked getting up.

Hyun Kyu places his hands on his knees taking in deep breaths. "Our goddess, Min Bora." As the name left his lips the classroom went into chaos.

Soo Ah ran out the room with Soojin behind her, the duo missing their old best friend.

Suho quickly looked up at Hyun Kyu as he started talking to other classmates about the news, he looked over to Seojun to see the other staring right back at him.

The two boys didn't know what to feel, the name of someone they both know dearly that went missing when everything turned for the worse was just heard, and is now back in town.

"You think she will be apart of our class?" A classmate spoke up causing a bigger commotion. "Suho, Seojun, Soojin, and Bora in one classroom? Just imagine it." A voice filled with envy spoke up.

As everyone talked exactly about the news except for three, two feeling conflicted on how they should feel and one being confused.

"Who's Min Bora?" Lim Jukyung asked and right on cue, the bell rang.

"Miss. Min, I will be having you in my homeroom." Mr. Woo said looking up at Bora. "Oh and don't worry the staff are aware of your condition so whenever you feel sick or uneasy head to the nurse and take a rest." He said with a gentle smile.

Bora nodded her head and followed him as he got up leaving the staff room and head towards his homeroom. "Now wait here and I'll give you the cue."

Leaving the classroom door closed he  walked in with a smile "Hello class, how are we this morning." The class greeted back.

"Mr. Woo I don't mean to be rude but can you cut to the case? I'm dying over here." Soo Ah eagerly spoke up as she leaned over her desk.

"Oh, whatever do you mean Soo Ah?" Mr. Woo tease causing the whole class to groan. "Is Min Bora in our class or is she not?" Soojin said seriously.

"Why don't you guys see for yourselves, Bora come in." And with that, it felt like time stop. They watched as the door opened and the topic of the day walked in.

For Bora things where moving extra slow. As she walked in fidgeting with her charm bracelet and as she stopped at the front. It's like her eyes moved in slow motion as she looked up and scanned the faces of her old peers.

"Bora why don't you introduce yourself." Mr. woo said causing her to snap out of it. Bora smiled and tried to calm down the best she could.

"Hold your head up high and be yourself"

"Hello everyone, my name is Min Bora it's good to be back please take good care of me." She bowed then looked back up not managing to put a smile on.

It felt like time stopped when the two saw her. Still not believing their eyes that their Min Bora is here. A childhood friend for one and a complicated story for the other.

Lim Jukyung mouth gapped open at the sight of the natural beauty, to say she's one of the most beautiful girls she's ever laid eyes upon would be an understatement.

In her eyes everything about her was perfect, form her shoes to the way her hair laid on top of her head.

Soon everyone was snapped out of their fazes as a loud cry was heard. "Min Bora! How dare you!" Soo Ah stand  up from her desk pushing her chair back.

Bora froze eyes wide, she didn't know what to expect from her old best friend Soo-ah. The girl can get pretty unpredictable.

"Yah! How dare you!" Soojin said also getting up, Bora's heart started to speed up. "Are they mad at me?"  "Do they hate me?" Thoughts ran  through her head as she ignored the faint beeping sound coming from her wrist.

"How dare you leave and not call! I missed you so much Min Bora!" Soo ah threw her arms around the other short girl and pulled her into a hug, Soojin moving behind her to get in on the hug too.

Bora's heart calmed down.

And she wrapped her arms around the two

"Maybe...just maybe, things won't be so bad"


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