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SHE STARED at her balcony window, and watched as the wind gently pushed the curtains while the sun shined through giving her room a warm color. A warm feeling

Three nocks were heard on her door before someone walked in. "Good morning Bora." Bora turned her head and a smile painted her face at the sight of her favorite house worker. The word "maid" doesn't sit right with her.

"Good morning Mrs. Lee." Mrs. Lee smiled as she walked over to her balcony window, shutting it and opening the curtains. Bora watched as the window shut and the feeling of being suffocated washed over her.

"You know it feels weird to be back." Bora said bringing her knees up and wrapping her arms around them. "Is that a good weird or a bad weird?" Mrs. Lee had a hint of playfulness in her voice.

Bora sat there for a moment with her question repeating in her head "good weird or bad weird?" The truth was Bora didn't know. she didn't know the feeling she was feeling,  didn't know if it was good or bad, maybe both.

All she knew was that it was a queasy feeling. It was like the feeling you get on a rollercoaster, once you hop on and the seat shuts you know you can't get off.... you can't go back. Yes that's how Bora felt.

Now that she's here, there is no going back. She's stuck on this rollercoaster until the every end.

Bora looked up and watch as Mrs. Lee walked out of her bathroom and up to her bedroom door. "Both." Bora stated as Mrs. Lee's hand touched the door handle.

Mrs. Lee turned her head and looked at the small girl. "It's both...good and bad. One more then the other."

"Well Miss. Min, we are happy to have you back. Don't  forget to take your medication before you join us for breakfast." Mrs. Lee walked out with a smile.

Bora would be lying is she said she didn't have the urge to walk up and hug her. Mrs. Lee reminded Bora so much of her mom, even though Bora only knew her mom for seven years. There is some things you can't forget about a person, even if you don't fully know them.

Bora can't forget her mom's smile, warm eyes, her kind touch and words. Mrs. Lee was like a mother figure to Bora.

Looking at the medication Bora grimaced before reaching for the different pill bottles and taking them one by one.


"Good morning Bora." Bora's dad smiled at her from the kitchen table. "Good morning dad." Bora smiled as she kissed him on top of his head before sitting down next to him.

"So did you think about it?" Bora asked looking up at her dad, he release a sigh. "Bora you know how I feel about the topic." He spoke truthfully giving his daughter his full attention.

"And you also know how I feel about the topic, dad please can I go?" Bora threw him her best puppy dog eyes that she knew he couldn't resist

When he shook his head it was her time to sigh before an idea hit her.

Bora got up and walked behind his chair she placed both of her hands on his shoulders and leaned in "It will make me happy." She whispered.

Happy, Mr. Min's biggest weakness was Bora's happiness whatever made her happy she got. Because that's the most important thing to him. His daughters happiness.

Kinda evil for her to use her dad's biggest weakness against him.

"Will it really?" Mr. Min asked holding onto her hand as she sat back down. "It will, and I know that you're worried because I'm not the same as I was before but I can't just stay inside my room all the time, I have to go out and live. Go to school, study, make friends. Get over my fears." Bora said with a weak smile.

They sat in silence for a few minutes.

"If going to school truly makes you happy then you can go." He said. Bora jumped up and fist punched the air with a loud yes.

"But on one condition" he continued causing the happy girl to sit back down eagerly waiting for him to continue. "Yes, whatever it is." She said.

"The teachers will automatically know but you must tell someone about your heart condition so they can watch over you." Bora's smile flattered before she quickly replaced it with a fake one.

"Of course."


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