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𝙈𝙄𝙉 𝘽𝙊𝙍𝘼 knew that this was a mistake, a big mistake. She knew that coming back to Korea would have an effect on people and mostly have an effect on her, the traumatic incident was no secret to the ones of her past and the students at Saebom High.

But Bora couldn't just do it. She couldn't just sit around in Japan and act like her life was perfect and she deserved to be happy. She couldn't keep running from her past, hiding, avoiding all her problems because at the end of the day the guilt will always be there. Eating her alive, keeping her up at night, and as the saying goes "nobody knows what happened behind closed doors"

Bora was once a happy girl, well she liked to believe she was once happy because she was naïve to the cruel world around her. She was naïve about how the world could be so cruel and evil, how one's words can deeply affect a person, how society is the worst thing there is.

But ever since the incident happened, it was a wake up call.

A splash of ice cold water in the face when you are half asleep.

A reason that made her feel better is that she wasn't coming back entirely because of guilt, no she was coming back because she finished her private studies in Japan and she missed her dad. So she was coming back to be with him, her poor single businessman of a dad. A hardworking man he his, sometimes even forgets to take his medication.

Yep, Min Bora was coming back because she missed her old man and felt like something tragic would happen if she stayed away for too long. But she knows her dad is the smartest businessman in the business.

So she said if that excuse won't work to make her feel better, she decided she would come back due to her poor grandma. Her poor sick hard headed grandma in the hospital bed, probably cursing all the nurses out at this very moment.

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