chapter 3

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Dedicated to vampire_angel_z because I really liked the Niall character in four's company and I kinda wanted to base the ziall/ziam/niam relation ship on them. I am giving credit to what they say to myself. I am trying to stay away from those characters as much as I can because they. Are. HERS/HIS. I am just using the some of the personality in there. But I'm giving her credit for also just being cool.

"Gently, no gently... Zayn!"

"I heard you.. Shut up you'll wake him up." Harry felt himself be placed down on something soft, feeling his head placed on something even softer.

"H-hnfh... Mum?" Harry opened his eyes, feeling a little saddened when he noticed it wasn't.

"No babe.. Its Louis. You're on my bed, and I was going to let you nap, sweetie." He whispered, gently laying him down.


"Yeah, let you nap." He nodded his head. "Your wings are healing quickly." Louis praised, gently brushing them.

"Really?" Harry made a happy noise.

"Yeah!" Louis praised again, making Harry's wings flutter. "I'm going to let Zayn bring Niall in here, he's sleepy and he's going to need to wake up earlier tomorrow." Harry felt a body a bit bigger than I'm him, crawling in the bed.

"H-hello..." Harry whispered. Smiling at the blonde.

"Hi Harry." Niall yawned. "Zayn and Liam are working so is it alright if I sleep in here with you?" His smile brightened as he laid beside him.

"Okay... Can we c-cuddle?"

"Course! Why wouldn't we? Cuddling is da beast."



"Oh... Okay." Harry sighed, letting out a sleepy whine. "J-just.. Don't w-wake me..." He whined, falling into a sleepy trance. Niall smiled and fell asleep, both of the amgel boys sleeping next to eachother until the next morning.

When Zayn and Liam walked in at evening they cooed. Somehow Niall was able so get himself under Harry's back, his hands gripping Harry's feathers. Harry was snoring softly, Every in-breath was normal; but the outer ones were like soft whimpers. Something was pleasant About it.

"Hey are they- awe..." Louis let out a coo, leaning over to sstrokeHarry's wings. "Mph." Harry sighed, trying to schooch away from Niall, who was accidently pulling his feathers a bit harsh. Harry whimpered and Liam and Zayn were a little quick to remove Niall's hands.

Louis gently adjusted Harry on his stomach so his poor wings wouldn't touch anything.

Harry hummed, opening his eyes a little. "W-where am I?" He coughed, his throat sore. Still not used to the surroundings.

"Go get him a water Zayn." Louis asked before sitting on the bed "You're at my house." Louis smiled at the angel, his blue eyes roaming from side to side to cover Harry's body.

"I-i am? O-oh yeah..." He giggled. Louis' wings would be popped out if he didn't have self control, a demon showing his wings to an angel is a way to flirt. Basically a cat call that only the slurry angels usually like. But we all know Harry would hate it.

"So sweetie.. How was your nap."

"It was okay. I liked I-it.. T-thank you for l-letting me stay here..." he whispered softly. He looked down at hill legs and blushed. "U-uhm.. P-pants?"

"Oh. Would you like a pair?" Harry nodded, blushing.

"Okay well... Niall, Liam, Zayn and I are going to take you shopping tonight. So we can get you a wardrobe and a place things to decorate the room. So you can barrow Niall's clothes."

Harry nodded.

"Alright, here." Louis handed him some red jeans, and a black tee-shirt.

"Hmm..." Harry hummed, he placed the clothes on himself.



"Oh, look at this. You have to try it on Harry!" Niall shoved a nightgown in Harry's arms.

"B-but.... What is it?" Niall laughed and pointed to it. "Its a nightgown!" He replied, tugging Harry into a dressing room.

"See! It even has nice big slots for your wings. Nice and comfy." He shoved the gown in Harry's hands. Harry nodded, scared of what Niall would do if he said no. Harry walked into the dressing room and tried to put the gown on. But his wings were still injured and they couldn't fold up, which is why they got caught on his wing.

"O-ouch! Own!" he whined.

"Harry?" There was a knock on the door, Louis. "You okay princess?"

Harry didn't know if he was blushing from the complement or the embarrassment of needing help.

"I-i am a-a little stuck." He whispered. "H-help?"

"Okay, well I will be right back.." Harry waited for maybe two minutes.

"Okay, I have the key I'm coming in." the doorknob jiggled

"W-wait!" it stopped. "P-promise you want tell anyone?"

"I promise."

"T-then come in." He whispered.

Louis walked in and smiled softly, in the background you can here about Niall begging Liam and Zayn to takeout so he can record it in public.

"Y-You're laughing!" He whined.

"No I-im not.. Just turn around sweetie. It unzips. See?" He grabs the zipper and pulls it down a bit, slipping Harry's healed wing in one spot and his Healing wing in the other. Gentle.

Harry's wings flew open a bit, feeling more free then before. "M-mm.." He mumbled. "I really like this..." He whispered, moving his wings bit..keeping it slow for the hurt wing's sake.

He coughed and Louis gently patted his head."Its really pretty, good looking." He smiled.

"Really?" Harry said in the mirror of the dressing room. "Its not.. Too girly?"

"Nothings girly about anything. I mean, yeah you cent really explain it without saying 'girly.' but a boy could wear it. I think you look lovely in it." Louis smiled. Harry looked down and blushed.

"You know... You kind of look like a um... English rose..." He whispered softly. He gently pulled at the zipper of the gown and smiled. "Now you know this is here. In going to be outside. See you in a minute... Rose." Harry giggled and Louis walked out.

"Niall no!"

"Li-li please! Just a little tongue c'mon please! I really want to-"

The door shut and Harry giggled, getting dressed back in the clothes he came in.



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