New me

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Bella's POV

As I woke I looked at the the rain that flowed down my window. I missed Florida, I missed the warmth however when I thought of warmth Jacob popped into my mind.

When I thought of my life in Florida I realized that I didn't even have any friends therefore. maybe a new me would be a good start.

Charlie was still sleeping so I tiptoed past his room and down to the kitchen. As I ate my price of toast dad came down.

"Morning Bella!"
"Morning dad, would you mind if I went to town to day?" I asked
"Sure it Saturday don't be home late!" He answered

***IN TOWN***
When I got to Port Angles I walked into New Look because the name went well with what I was doing.

At the till I had bought some leather jackets, tee shirts and skinny jeans. Even with all got I still had $3890 left. All this money I had saved up for a new motorbike.

Walking down the street I saw the most perfect thing ever. I saw a sleek black motorcycle going for $3200. After showing my licenses to the people at the desk I jumped on the bike and turned the key. a soft pure came from underneath me. I drove the bike to my car and attempted to lift it into the rear end of my truck.
"Do you want some help there?" A low voice said from behind me.
"Yes please!" I answered turning around. I pale beautiful guy stood there he was pail and had brown have and golden eyes.

"I'm Edward Cullen!" He said grabbing the bike and placing it in the boot.

"Hi I'm Bella Swan." I said

"So how long have you been here?" He asked making conversation.

"I moved to Forks with my dad yesterday!" I replied

"Are you going to go to Forks High School then?" He said

"Yes! You like asking questions don't you?" I giggled.

"Well you are just hard for me to read!" He said be for trudging down the lane. Well that was rude.

When I was home I walked inside to find a note from Charlie saying

I had to go into the station but will be home for dinner.
Stay safe Charlie

As I admired my bike I saw the tires were a little bald. Having no idea how to change tires I thought I should call my only friend.

"Hello?" Jacob said
"Hi it's Bell."
"How are you?"
"Good but could you do me a favor?"
"Sure what is it?"
"Could you come and change a tire for me?" I asked hopefully
"Sure I'll be right there!" Jake could be so cute sometimes.

Jacobs POV
When I arrived at Bella's I saw. A black motorcycle. Bella walked up to me and I gave her a bear hug.
"Can't .... Breath!" She whispered and I let go.
"Sorry Bells!" I said
"Now could could you change a wheel on that?" She asked pointing to the bike.
"Is it yours?" I asked whilst taking off the wheel.
"Yup got it today!" She said smugly. not only was she beautiful, kind, loving but she also liked bikes.

Bella's POV
All I wanted to do was ask him out ms kiss him. Just as I was thinking that he said.
"I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with we tomorrow?" I wanted to jump up and down with excitement.
"Sure pick me up at 5 k" I answered.
"See ya then!" He said before leaving.

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