Forty-Seven: Psychology Grades †

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Standing up immediately, I picked up the key card again as Jason persisted to be lazy and lounge around on my bed. I tugged at his arm before he sighed theatrically and got up. "Fine, I'm coming. You know, I didn't say when we'd be getting lunch but if you insist we go now." He stood up. "Oh, and I forgot to say. I got both an A in Soccer and in Writing!" He was broadly grinning.

My smile wavered for a brief moment. "That's great," I replied, keeping my emotion to a minimal which wasn't what I intended to do primarily.

"What's wrong?" he asked, reaching out to rub my shoulder. "What were your grades?"

"Haven't got them yet," I lied, smiling as if to convince him and nodding my head enthusiastically.

"Lying causes distrust."

I bowed my head and Jason reached out with the other hand to tug me closer for a hug. "I got two C's in my Psychology work so that would amount to a C," I mumbled. "But he's letting me redo it."

"Then you know what?" Jason lowered his head to look at me. "I will sit with you this weekend all day and make sure you do it. You can start it later today, okay? Do you have a free?"


"Okay, well, I have lesson but Saturday I'll be sitting with you and motivating you to do it. Don't protest either because it won't work. Now, shall we go to lunch?"

"Yes," I muttered.

I picked up the key card and we exited my room. Just as we were coming out, there were girls voices emanating from down the corridor of rooms so when I turned my head out of inquisitiveness, I was facing the one and only Ruby who was chatting to Lea outside of their room. Why are they stood outside? Are they waiting to go back to lunch or have they already been? It's a bit early to already go to lunch though, I mused.

"She's wrong for you, Jason," said Ruby, raising her voice as we began marching away from both of them. "We all know Lea is the one you truly want, isn't it? You were texting her all last night, even on the phone to her!"

"Not true," muttered Jason as we made our way down to the food court. "She's lying."

We made our way into the food court and picked up our emerald trays, standing in line. "Lying causes distrust," I repeated.

Jason sighed as we moved up the queue. "Chicken bugger and fries please," said Jason as he handed over the tray to the kitchen staff.

"I'll have the same," I said a moment later when it was my turn.

Jason got handed his tray back and so did I after a moment. We made our way to the drinks section. I picked up a bottle of water and Jason picked up a can of Coke. We got some cutlery – despite Jason complaining before making our way to a table. Our meals are already paid for when we came to the college.

"So, why did you phone her?"

"I didn't phone her," he whined, about to dig into his burger. "She phoned me. Multiple times. I kept rejecting the call at first but then it was getting annoying. I accepted just to tell her to stop calling me and she was crying. I couldn't be heartless and put down the phone because she was saying about her eating disorder she also used to have. She said she was worrying it was coming back. I had to tell her to eat more."

"Why did she call you?" I interjected after a moment's hesitation from Jason.

He shrugged carelessly, swallowing a mouthful of chicken bugger and the bun. It was quite simple, candidly. "She said I was the only one who truly knew her so it had to be me. In the end, I couldn't take it anymore. I said I had to go and I put the phone down. Ruby's making it seem worse than it actually is, too. She was probably there when Lea was crying to me."

I frowned.

"I'm being honest this time."

I nodded, stuffing several fries into my mouth. We finished our meals in silence aside from the chatter emitting from everyone else which could have easily disguised the fact that we weren't actually talking. Instead, once we were finished, we went back upstairs Jason's room to hang out there for a bit because his stuff was there and he had Soccer after lunch.

"You're my number one girl," he murmured to me once we were sat on his bed, huddled together and kissing. Mark was somewhere else so we had the room to ourselves.

It also seemed that the whole reason to why Jason went through the alleyway to the building was unspoken and never to be revealed. He never even mentioned it once – except for saying the kissing in the alley was fun. But he never answered why he was up in the middle of the night, too.

I needed to get to the bottom of it quite soon. I don't know how much longer I can wait in turmoil.

But I did manage to take Bubbles back into my room when Jason departed for Soccer and I left to go back to my room to work on the attempt number two of my Psychology report and quiz.

Author's Note:

Okay, so we're still building to the plot twist/drama, but these are still filler chapters :(

Thank you :) x

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