Forty-Seven: Psychology Grades †

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Written at the bottom in a bright scarlet pen.

I felt disheartened now. My stomach churned and then just dropped. I frowned quietly before bowing my head and stuffing my papers underneath my notepad and folder so I wouldn't have to gaze upon them accidentally and feel this again. I had truly thought I'd done quite well and to know that I had barely scraped two C's was horrible.

All throughout the lesson, I mainly kept my head down. Whenever I did look up, it was to glance fleetingly at the clock suspended on the wall to the side. Time was ticking on so gradually that it actually made me feel worse. By the end, I pretended to drop my pencil case as I was packing it away so it would save the mortification of being held back after lesson. Everyone had left already when I stepped up to Mr. Gellar's desk.

"Well, Tiegan," he said, "I thought your ideas were good in the report, but you needed to back them up. You simply told me instead of explaining it and that's very important. As for the quiz, I think you need to look back over the textbook before redoing it," he instructed, perching back on the edge of the desk. His hands were clasped in front of his stomach. He even had his jacket buttoned up in here.

"Redo it?" I questioned, emulating his words.

"Yes," he said, nodding his head avidly. "I think you're a very clever girl, Tiegan who has the knowledge to at least get a high B if not a low A. So I am giving you the opportunity to redo both of them but I want you to do it by Sunday, okay? If you so happen to do it by tomorrow, I'm in here all day with you, as you know. But if you do it in the weekend, you can give it to the secretary and she can get a hold of me to tell me, okay? I want it done by Sunday, though. I need to print the grades Monday."

I nodded, feeling elated. "Thank you, sir!" I said cheerfully.

Mr. Gellar smiled before waving me out of the room. "It's no worries. As I said, I can expect good things from you in this class, Tiegan so I'd like to be able to prove it. By Sunday, okay?" he reminded.

"By Sunday," I concluded.

Strolling out of the room, I smiled as I patrolled down the corridor. Once I got back to my room, I found Jason leaning against the door, waiting for me. My emergence only provoked his smirk to amplify. He stood up straighter, pushing himself off the door as I inserted the key card.

"You know, I had fun with what happened in the alleyway," he whispered seductively as we entered the room. "It was fun."

"I'm sure it was," I remarked, chucking my key card onto my side table.

Jason closed the door behind him and plonked down on my bed. He leaned back, his head on the pillow. "Bubbles is in my room. He misses you," he announced.

"I look after him better than you do," I protested. "He better miss me."

Chuckling, I took my coat off before lying down next to Jason. He wrapped his arm around me and just as we got comfortable, my stomach rumbled stridently. I groaned, burying my head in Jason's chest. "I'm hungry."

"I gathered that."

I lifted my head after a moment of silence. "Aren't you going to ask if I'd like to get lunch?"


Raising my eyebrows, I moved away from Jason. "You're going to let me starve?"

"Again, no." He leaned up now on his elbows as I was sat up-right, my legs crossed. "I'm going to ask if I can accompany you downstairs to the food court and eat lunch with you." He smiled innocently, tilting his head to the side.

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