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Well, this isn't what I really wanted to be doing on my spare time. But hey there's only so much you could ask for, but you know. Not much of an eventful day, just TV and food. I have started to think ever since last night I should start writing about my experiences and strategies to get rid of those things. So I sit and think for a while, what has happened in this time of two nights that could be important? Well, there's a lot like the positions of the animatronics around the old and new sections. So I write Dow-... Wait where were they all? I mean it's a huge restaurant anyways, but there are a lot of animatronics. Now that I think of it, they're still adding on to the place. The owners could add more of those things. And more rooms, that's when I make the decision that I'll bring a notebook and write down as much info on the place. Wait, it's night three.... Ugh, those guys are going to give me a warm welcome.

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