Mr. Hatake

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Hey. Heres the info


Name: Arianna Nychol Mastrofini

Appearance: blue and grey eyes (depends on mood), fare skin, tom boy, Only girl stuff is wedges and heels, light brown hair (Aline; the front is to her chin and the back is to the tip of neck), 34DD chest, little bit of hips, tiny butt, about 115 pounds, glasses, curvy, scar on back (from heart surgery when a baby), 5'0 feet

Personality: likes to read lots of books (any type), quiet around new people, becomes perverted around friends, easily upset when hungry, tired, or when someone is waking up and starts being busy And barks orders, shy about saying anything about sex, hates cold hearted people, rude people and is sometimes aloot,



Village: leaf village

Crush:Kakashi Hatake at age 26

Baby daddy: yes


I twirl my pen in my fingers as I let out a sigh of boredom staring at my teacher, Mr. Hatake writing another sentence on the chalkboard. My fingers slip and somehow the pen fly's out of my hand and soars in the air and just as Mr. Hatake turned around, the tip hit his forehead making a paki-dot before falling to the floor. The whole classroom bursted out laughing as I bite my lip knowing that this teacher isn't going to be one of those nice highschool teachers and bury my face in my arms.

"Arianna!" The teacher yelled sternly as I peek up from my arms, my light brown hair in my face, "y-yes Mr. Hatake?" I act innocent only laughing internally.

"After class. You will stay here. I have a punishment for you..." He trails off smirking as I nod and bury my face back in my arms. He continues on his sex ed. Class making me blush. (A/N Kakashi has a basic tux on just without the jacket and he does not have a mask on)

After class I stay seated and look up blushing. Mr. Hatake comes up to my desk and wacks it with a ruler makinge yelp

"Stand up," he orders and I do as he says. I stand and fix my clothes to see him look at me like I'm food. "Turn around and walk to my desk," I, again, do as he said and started walking, my black skinny jeans making my ass pop and my hips sway more. I get to his desk and stare at the chalkboard as I hear him approaching me. I feel his hand on the back of my head and gasp as he pulls my hair back making me back into him closing the space between us and lean my head back. He quickly starts kissing me while grinding against me. I let out a surprised moan and start kissing back grinding with him not being able to control myself. He smirked into the kiss and shoved me forward,

"Does little Arianna have the classic teacher crush?" He pushed me onto the desk so I was leaning down on it And I shook my head no blushing madly. He bent over me licking my ear lobe before whispering huskily, "or is someone just really perverted?" He continues to grind into me as I let out moans. Truth being both of the questions he had asked, "don't worry now I may also have a naughty Crush on you," he smirks and flips me around before walking to a chair and sitting down on it watching me as I realize my boobs are showing a lot more then they should be. I felt something inside me shift and I took off my shirt, throwing it on the ground and starting up to him, my heels clicking on the floor as I move in front of him and bend over wrapping my arms around him and kissing him deeply while moving to sit on his lap, legs on either side of him. A heated make out session started and it was only broken for a millisecond as I took off his shirt, leaving the tie on. I traced his muscular build and when I got lower a groan was earned. I stood up as his hand quickly undid my bra and it fell to the floor, I smirked and got down on my knees quickly taking off his pants and boxers, putting the tip in my mouth and swirling my tongue around the tip making him let out a groan. I start deep throating him as he bucks his hips letting my teeth skim over it. This continued for a bit before his nails dug into the chair and I knew he was about to cum so I stopped at the base, relaxing my muscles and then sucked hard, sucking my cheeks in as his seed was let loose and shot down my throat forcing me to swallow. I removed my mouth and he quickly got up and pushed me to sit on the chair, I yelped in surprise as he wasted no time and grasped one breast with his hand while his mouth sucked on the other, nipping every once and a while making me moan loudly. I moaned as his hand went under my pants and his finger dared to rub my clit ever so gently. He smirked and tore off my pants leaving on my black panties and grabbed a fist full of my hair pulling me down so I was on my hands and knees. I gasped as I felt his member Poking at my entrance and soon it was thrusted into me. I moaned and threw my head back as he found a steady pace pulling in and out.

"Oh god~" I moaned, digging my nails into the floorboards and bracing my self as he went harder. I continued to moan until I felt a knot starting to form at the pit of my stomach "k-Kakashi... I'm g-gunna cum" I infirm him moaning as he leaned over and started messaging my clit with his fingers while still pounding into my pussy

"Me too" he groaned and started going faster. I then came, my walls tightening around his dick forcing his cum out as well. We moaned each others names and soon he pulled out and stood and started putting on his clothes.

"So w-was this like a one time thing?" I wondered, panting

"Is that what you want?" He countered with a question


"Then there's your answer" he fixed his tie and hair before grabbing his briefcase. I got up after catching my breath and quickly pulling on my clothes "although... I don't do one night stands so Arianna, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked making me nod my head quickly and smile running up and hugging him.

****Couple months later*****

I stared at the piece of plastic in my hands with furrowed brows and shook my head as I threw it at my bathroom mirror making the mirror shatter and glass fall on the floor. I felt so mad... He won't want this kid inside me... I huffed and walked out of the bathroom with my head hung and flopped onto my bed before hearing a knock at the door. I swung the door open to see Kakashi standing there. I immediately started crying and threw myself on him, burying my head in the crook of his neck.

"W-whats wrong?!" He stumbled back before wrapping his arms around my torso "Are you okay?!" He started panicking

"I h-have some bad news... At least bad news for you..." stutter going and sitting on the couch him following "I..... I-I'm p-preg-"

"Yes! I knew it! I'm sorry hun... I sorta put some pills in your lunch that morning to increase the chances of you becoming pregnant... I hope you don't mind...." He grinned sheepishly to which I sighed "so you're not gunna leave me?" I sniffed as he shook his Head and sighed. I smiled before furrowing my eyebrows "Wait... WHAT?!?!!" I screamed as he chuckles

******after pregnancy******

I finally, and painfully, gave birth to an adorable little boy with my light brown hair and bright blue eyes. His name is Kaito Hatake and we love him completely... As a family...


I hope you guys liked that! I actually think it's the longest lemon I've written.... So far... Anyways... Sorry for not updating that much.... I just changed into high school and a close person no longer exists in this world..... My sisters boyfriend ... And I've just been comforting her and anyways I'm sorry okay? Okay. Thanks for understanding... Until next time!

~♥Pain out♥~

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