Chapter 1

meeting the enemy behind lines…


Scrolling down the internet page which was filled with vacant jobs for the past twenty minutes, I pushed my laptop far away from me. Sitting on one of Kristine’s office chairs in her office room, I decided to finally search for a job which would allow something to do with accountancy, since that was the only course that had even appealed me when I was choosing a degree to take. Now, it was quite hard to get a job with only that qualification with all the excess accountants this country had.

With a dramatic sigh, I pushed myself from the desk and got up, stretching and popping some of my limbs before the doorbell rang. Opening the front door, just the over side, a man with his dark brown hair nicely combed and his face freshly shaved, smiled at me. I grinned back as I charged at him for a tight hug before he chuckled and let me go.

“Missed me that much, I suppose?” he asked as I nodded.

“God, you have no idea how terrible being alone is!” Dramatic pause was needed before he smiled widely. His thin lips that looked like they were just recently gelled were perfectly stretched.

“Well, that’s good to know.” He looked at me before he looked into the house. “No one’s home?”

“No, Jake,” I said as he nodded. “Which probably you want to come into, don’t you?”

“Well, I wouldn’t have been waiting here for something else, now would I?” he asked sarcastically as he raised his perfectly thin eyebrows up. I rolled my eyes as I let him inside. His worn out blue jeans that fit nicely around his leg and his shirt that rose up just a few inch every time he moved had me almost drooling. But that was perfectly alright for a girl who had a huge crush on him since two years ago. Since the day I moved into this apartment neighbourhood.

He was the very first man who had come up into my life just to talk to me. No one else had done that before and it was mainly because I was just too—fat, to even be considered into the society. However, under all of those insecurities, he had broken down my walls and ushered me that he doesn’t think that way.

“If every single one of us starts to think like that then I don’t think we can be called humans anymore.”

I remembered him telling me that, during the times when life was just throwing a fit at me. I had broken down crying when I had failed another job interview with the reason they needed someone who they can present their company with perfect normality. It just made me feel like that maybe, I wasn’t normal enough for this whole screwed-up society.

But he made me think otherwise. He made me believe that somewhere in this world, people like Jake still existed. And since he only lived two houses away from mine, it was so much easier to console him.

“Do you want anything to drink?” I yelled from the kitchen.

“No! Perfectly fine, just want to talk to you.” I smiled to myself before walking to living room where he sat on the couch, relaxed. I sat next to him on the couch and sighed, leaning against the leather. “How have you been?”

I looked at him who just had his eyes peering at me from the corner. I smiled at him before I rolled my eyes at him. “It has only been two days, Jake.”

“Two days, really? It felt like a month!” Jake grinned at me as I chuckled at his obvious exaggerations.

“I didn’t know I make time slow down when I’m not around you.” I winked at him as he just half-shrugged innocently at that comment.

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