The Dream Team

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Well, I don't quite know where to start. I'm Kiyo Tanaka, I'm 16 years old and I want to be a detective. Well it's little more than a desire. I'm starting work experience today.

Chrysler college is well known for having contracts with some of the best companies for work experience; they tend to make the course interesting. Of course, I'm not the only one. There are three other girls in my college who want to become detectives too. According to our advisor Mrs Jacks, we have to show our skills in such a way that makes us unique, and makes companies want to employ us. Basically we're competing for recognition.

If I barely knew these other girls then it would be fine, except we went to the same high school, and we were all on the debating team. We traveled all over the continent to attend different events together, and as you can imagine we got pretty close. Heck, we're best friends. Our love for mystery and problem solving brought us together to form a team. Known as "The Chrysler Dreamers" after Mrs Jacks once described us as "The Dream Team" we haven't really done much yet. Anything major anyway.

April, the youngest of the group happened to have been gifted with a cool head, and the ability to remain calm. Thank God one of us had. She could reason without blowing things out of proportion and catastrophising, extremely unlike myself. I have a habit of doing all of those things that April doesn't. Having said that, those traits can help me in finding many possible scenarios, because I have a very active imagination.

An imagination almost as strong as mine was Bella's. Bella is a people person. She can persuade people to the point where I swear they have been hypnotized. She questions people, and is amazing at coming up with responses and questions spontaneously. She's a smooth talker, and a vital part of the team.

Finally Marisa. She puts the numbers into our work. She uses information to reason and decide on the certain things in the argument like facts and figures. She can tailor this information to make it sound more persuasive. You could say we were the perfect team.

As the oldest, I like to try and take charge, but honestly our work is shared equally. We don't try to do that, it just happens that way with our different traits.

"Ready?" April asks me. I nod and we board the minibus.

"Jeez" Marisa sighs "I hope we get to solve some real missions this time" She's right, we haven't really done anything exciting yet, but what is there for a group of 16 year olds to do?

"Doubt it, we'll probably just be filing and stuff" April responds.

If only we'd known.....

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