Chapter 2-

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Chapter 2-

I had all of my things and a few of my dad's old things in a large leather suitcase. I look around the room for the last time, making sure I have everything. I grab my phone and shove it in my pocket before closing the door and forcing myself not to look back. A few tears escape my eyes, but I just wipe them away. I can hear rain starting to pelt the mansion roof as I drag my suitcase down the stairs.

"Hello." Robert says cheerfully as I walk into the kitchen.

"Hey," I mumble, grabbing an orange and a bottle of water for breakfast. Without hesitating, I walk out into the rain, towards the car. The rain seems to refresh me, give me more energy. I breathe it in as Robert hurries to grab my suitcase and put it in the back if the car. I get in slowly, looking over the huge mansion. This place has almost become my home in the past two months. I'll miss it.

I take a deep breath once inside the car, almost missing the rain outside. I look down at myself and realize I'm hardly even wet. Strange. The rain was really coming down outside. I shake my head and lean my head back.

It was the longest hour of my life as I just sit and watch the raindrops race down the window. The rain never stops, never slows. It just seems to get harder until I can't see anything outside. It comes as a shock to me when Robert quietly says, "we're here".

I try to look outside but again the rain blocks my view. I huff and lean back, wanting the rain to go away. I want to see the school before I actually have to go there. Suddenly, the rain slows until its just a gentle sprinkle against the huge school in front of me.

If it wasn't so cloudy and dark from the rain, it would look picturesque. Not at all like the dark school I had imagined. The green grass surrounds a large glassy pond in front of the school. The big school looks like a castle, a little bigger than my grandfather's huge mansion. It kinda looks like somewhere I would imagine a king or queen would live. But the thing that stands out the most is two huge ravens looking down from the highest part of the building. As we pull up in front of it, I shrink away from them. The be honest, they give me the creeps.

Robert comes around and opens my door like a good butler, then goes to get my bag.

"Follow me an I'll show you to your grandfather's office." He starts to lead me through the massive doors into the quiet school. Hallway after hallway, I follow Robert through the school. Each hallway is quiet and empty. Only a few times I think I hear voices but no one appears. I wonder if this school is haunted or something. Finally we round a corner and two big double doors have the label above them "Headmaster". Robert sets my bag down, nods to me, then he's gone. I'm alone with my grandfather.

"Good day, Isabel. What do you think of Raven Academy so far?"

I look around, seeing the dust hanging on everything in the office. Exactly how old is Raven Academy?

"Big and old." I wrinkle my nose at it.

"Well, this big and old school is where you're going to be staying for the next few years. The girls rooms are in the east wing and the boys rooms are in the west wing. You're room is 73B. I expect you to treat everyone at this school as an equal. Some of these people have been here for years and they are all adults. Do I make myself clear?"

I just nod my head and purse my lips. Grabbing my suitcase, I wander off to find my room.


Once again, I look at my hand with my room number written on it. Am I in the west wing or east wing? Really, nobody's around so I can't tell. I look at all the numbers on the doors, roaming the hall again and again. None of them have an A or B next to them.

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