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Hannah: "I'm ready!" "Ok good! I called an Uber already there on there way let's wait outside"

We walk outside it's a tiny bit chilly but its probably gonna be warmer inside the party!
I then go on my phone and stalk billies instagram page! She makes me so happy

We walk outside it's a tiny bit chilly but its probably gonna be warmer inside the party! -I then go on my phone and stalk billies instagram page! She makes me so happy

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I moaned when I seen billies instagram post. I quickly glanced up to see if Hannah heard me! Thank god she didn't. The Uber driver had finally arrived! We thought taking an Uber was better than driving in case we got drunk!

•20 minutes later•
We finally arrived at the party! "We're here!" I said in excitement "finally" Hannah replied
We walked inside. There were so many people then I had expected! We walked to the back room where some people sit and just hang out for a while then we were gonna dance after!
We walked in and I couldn't believe who was standing there!!

billie FUCKING Eilish! Oh my fucking god! I nearly passed out! It was getting hard to breathe! "Hi Billie!" I shouted "hi you okay?" Billie replied.

She could tell i was uneasy.. "HEY SOMEONE GET THIS GIRL WATER NOW" Billie shouted. Holy fucking shit I couldn't believe what was happening.. "here" said billie while handing me her water. I took a drink of the water I felt a little bit better. Then i fell into billies arms. She held me up "hey it's okay" billie reassured me

She carried me to a couch she laid me down. She sat down to stay with me and. My head was resting on her lap. She stroked my hair. "Was this really happening right now?" I thought to myself.

"Hey do you wanna stay at my place I can take care of you until you get better." Billie said. I nodded my head yes. "Ok cool" billie replied With a fucking WINK

•20 minutes later•
"Get up baby girl" billie said. "Ok" I groaned
I got up billie carried me to her car. I moaned in pain. "My legs hurt" I said to billie. She bit her lip and said "just wait" under her breath
"Huh?" I replied as if I didn't hear her say that
"Oh i can help you with that" billie said.

We got into the car. billie was driving. I sat next to her in the front. She had her left hand on the steering wheel and the other hand in my lap. She started to massage my left leg. "Ugh that feels good" I moaned. "Good" billie said.

We had gotten to her house. "This is my house" billie said. I moaned in pain. "What's wrong" billie said "my legs hurt like a bitch" I replied "I'm sorry baby.." billie said softly

We went inside and billie introduced me to her parents and her brother, shark and pepper.
"Come here you'll be staying with me in my room" billie said. "Ok great" I said happily

My phone started to ring. "Shit" I said "what's wrong" billie replied "I have to answer this be right back" it was Hannah "Where the hell are you" Hannah said "I'm sorry I completely forgot you were with me because you always say no to going out. But I'm at billies house" I exclaimed "oh ok when will you be home" Hannah said "I don't know don't worry about me for now" i replied so I could have some time with Billie.

We hung up and I went back to billies room. She was changing into a black lace bra set. "Shit I'm sorry" I said "oh no it's okay come in" billie said "ok" I replied I sat on the bed waiting for her to change. But holy fuck I couldn't help but stare.. her body.. so fucking hot.

Billie put on some baggy sweats and a baggy tee-shirt she then tossed me some clothes to wear i changed into them. "thanks" i said. She then sat on the bed with me. She turned off the lights and said she was gonna go to bed. "Ok goodnight" I laid in bed with Billie I turned off my phone and went to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night not knowing where I was I had forgotten that I went home with Billie! I couldn't help but stare at her while she slept.

I caressed her cheek moving her hair behind her ear. She then woke up. I quickly moved my hand "no I like that" she groaned I then fell asleep again with my hand on her cheek.

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