Part Ten

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The next morning was definitely better than the day before. Kate stretched in the bed before opening her eyes, and appreciated the fact that her body wasn’t aching, when she did open her eyes there was no throbbing pain. Smiling she sat up. She felt as weak as a kitten, and really washed out, but otherwise a million times better.

After a quick shower, she made for the lounge, still aware she was in Mason’s clothes. He was curled up awkwardly on the sofa, the duvet barely covering him. Grey shorts slung low on his hips the only clothing he wore. Kate bit her lip as she paused for a moment watching him sleep. She was really attracted to him, and if she was in any doubt of that her body reminded her the response of her body, the increased heart rate, her almost breathlessness at the sight of him. Shaking her head, she made for the kitchen. She needed coffee.

She’d barely turned on the machine when she heard him wakening behind her. By the time she stepped back and looked towards the lounge, he was stood in the centre of the room, stretching, arms broad, bare shoulders and chest so enticing, those simple cotton shorts so low on his hips. It was such an intimate moment that she looked away, trying desperately to recover from the dry mouth, the tingles of anticipation.

                “Morning!” his voice was husky with the roughness of morning. “You look better, much better.”

She nodded, “I feel it thanks.” Their argument the previous day still sat there, between them creating a new level of awkwardness. “I should be getting home, my phone’s out of charge, people will wonder where the hell I am.”

He half sighed, “someone called Tilly phoned you last night, I told her you were ill, but safe.”

Kate groaned, yet more ammunition for Tilly to fire at her, “you had no right!”

                “You were asleep I checked, she told me not to wake you...I wasn’t trying to control things, I swear!” He looked a little coy, “come on Kate, surely we’ve gone past this point, scoring cheap points and sniping.”

Holding her hands up in exasperation she stared at him, “I want to go home, we had a fling, it shouldn’t have happened. And that’s it!”

Back to this again! Thought Mason, he was annoyed because he knew another day or so and he’d have been able to convince her, talk her around, or rather make her see sense, as it was he was due back in Dubai in the next twenty four hours, the spanner in the works.

He crossed the room to her and stood where he knew he was invading her personal space, too close. His eyes owned hers, he knew could tell by the way she bit her lip that it was all bravado. She wanted this as much as him. Nervously her tongue flicked over her bottom lip and he almost lost his composure...almost.

Leaning in to her, he brought his mouth to her ear, “I wish I had more time to prove that you’re lying. I remember that night SO vividly, and it was perfect! You don’t get perfect twice in your life.”

                “You’re going?” her voice was a whisper, a sudden sense of bereavement already taking hold of her, battling through the overwhelming yearning for those lips that brushed her hair, to touch her skin, just once.

                “Yes,” he lifted his head and met her eyes again. “I’ve got to get back to Dubai. I was thinking I could’ve stayed a bit longer...”

She bit her lip again, and he spotted a tear well at her eye. It was all the encouragement he needed. Lowering his head he met her lips with his. A possessive, demanding, controlling kiss, his lips, tongue and teeth assaulting hers, but she wasn’t intimidated, she responded with the same level of fervour. Soon his hands were under her sweater reacquainting themselves with her delectable curves. Naked curves...he groaned, this was not part of his plan, another step and he’d be out of control too. Pulling back he looked down at her flushed face, bruised lips, and tried to quell the fire that licked through his body.

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